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New cat hiding and won't come out!

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This weekend, I got a free 1 1/2 year old neutered male cat named Zorro. I currently have an unspayed 9 month old female (she will be spayed very soon). I also have two young children (4 and 2) so we have a very busy house! Anyway, when my daughter and I went to visit Zorro at his home, his owner told me how energetic and affectionate he is. He also said that Zorro is shy of strangers. So, we brought Zorro home and he immediately hid. We really haven't seen him since. He's hiding under my bed. He doesn't seem to be scared by my cat, but the noise level in the house is probably pretty different than what he's used to. He hasn't eaten since we got him (about 30 hours) and I don't know if he's had water, although both are available. My quesion is, how long should we expect this behavior to last? What should we do to help him? Should I be worried about his food/water intake? The poor guy is pretty fat too, so I don't know how that factors in. I appreciate any advice!

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One time after one of my cats had passed away a friend of mine told me about a cat that had been abandoned in military housing area in Halifax. She had been feeding it in her porch, but her own cat wasn't fond of it. After a hasty 3-1 vote(my husband lost)me and the kids went over to rescue the kitty. She let us pick her up in the porch and we cuddled her etc. We put her in the cat carrier and took her home. That was the last we saw of her for about two weeks other that some eyes peaking out from under the stairs. We talked to her under there and left food and water close by, which she must have eaten at night. Eventually she started to come out slowly and after a few months she was fitting right in. It took her a couple of years to become a lap cat. Up until her death last summer she was the sweetest kitty anyone could ask for. She slept at the top of my pillow everynight purring everytime I moved my head.
Good luck with your new kitty.
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When I was growing up, we got a cat that had been abused by her previous family. Gypsy was a sweet but shy cat. She hid for a few months, but when we got a kitten, she came out of hiding. She still hid when we had visitors, unless they were people who were over a lot and she got to know them. When she was comfortable with our family and knew she could trust us, she was very willing to cuddle with us (she would even come into my bedroom while I was sleeping and somehow in the morning she would be happliy laying on my pillow with my head on her like she was my pillow).

Although you may be worried about your cat not eating or drinking, it will when it is ready and needs to. The noise level may take some getting used to also, maybe the cat is coming out to drink or eat when everyone is sleeping.

I know it's not easy, but be patient. You will be rewarded soon by a grateful cat!
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You should defintely give him more time. For the first few weeks he should be kept in a quiet room, away from the kids and the other cat. In this room he should have his food, water, litter box, toys and a place to hide in and sleep. Make sure the windows and doors in the room are always shut!

Visit him as often as you can but without the kids. Sit on the floor and talk to him soothingly. Try to tempt him into eating by serving some treat he really likes. Sandy usually recommends giving him some baby food.

He's probably very stressed at the moment. Give him some time to relax. You may also want to check these threads:




One more thing, if he doesn't eat at all for more than 2-3 days, talk to your vet. Cats that don't eat anything can develop a dangerous liver condition. Overweight cats are in fact more susceptible. Keep an eye on his food bowl to see if he's eating anything.

Best of luck with the new cat!
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