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Thursday DT

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Didn't see one so I thought I'd start one.
Nothing much happening here today. wicked wind outside though. shaking all the windows, scaring poor skittish Isis!
Nothing much planned either, laundry and cleaning(yuck!) oh yeah and getting my BC pills. other then those, just hanging out and being lazy! I love not working!!!!!!! I wish I never had to go back!!!!(and this is my one day off this week)
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Yay! The daily crab thread. I was on my way to class this morning and WHAMMO! Not my fault at all, but not what I wanted or needed now. Now my car is sitting in a forlorn heap at the body shop, I am out even more money (til the insurance pays up, his insurance). Just two weeks after I had to replace the radiator and water pump too.
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Doesn't sound like too good a day for anybody.

My hubby is driving me nuts because he now wants to buy a new house. This would be great, but I want to have a baby in the near future and only work part time. We don't know how that is going to play out, how much I would make, where I'd be working, and I just don't think it's a good idea to get ourselves into a higher mortgage before we know all those things. Of course, it's very hard to say no because I DO want a bigger house, but I just don't think this is the time.

AAAAACK! The whole thing gives me a stomachache.

Sorry for venting!
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Warm and sunny, again. Took off, 1 1/2 hr early, to go to the dentist. I had enough time, to stop at home, read the paper and brush my teeth. We figured that I wouldn't feel like eating so, Bill picked up Mexican take-out, for himself.

Wonder of wonders, the dentist didn't hurt me TOO badly and it only took 1/2 hr. I stopped at Burger King, on the way home. After scraping off all of the plaque and crud, she did find another cavity, though. This makes a total of four. They all get filled, in two weeks. After that, we find out if I'm going to need surgery.

Bill has been offered a new job, with better pay, benefits, paid holidays and vacations, a closed-in shop and none of the bull$#!+ that he puts up with, now. He's going to check out the operation and, if it checks out OK, he's going to jump ship. The extra $$ would be nice but, in better working conditions, he'll be a lot easier to live with, too.
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Today was another crazy and busy day at work. The freaking phone wouldn't stop ringing and we had 1000 blood/urine/serum samples to test. One client called 6 times to see if we had his patient's test done yet. I wanted to tell him so bad that everytime he calls, it delays his patients test even more because I have to answer the phone, but I kept my mouth shut!

I have a sinus infection damn it! I've been putting off going to the doc but the last 3 days I'd take Entex PSE (decongestant), 800mg of Ibuprofen and 2 extra strength tylenol and still thought someone was cutting my eyeballs out of their sockets. So I broke down and went to the employee clinic (it's free) and got myself some antibiotics and stuff. Should be feeling better in a couple of days. I guess I can't complain too much. This is the first one I've had since my sinus surgery 4 months ago. Before that, I had one constantly! Yuck!

I can't wait till my week off! Hope the next 4 days go by quickly!
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Went to the Legal office on base, to get a notary done, for the Pet Statement form for Hawaii's Animal Quarantine. Then stopped by my work and showed my hubby these sunglasses I was interested in getting, he ended up buying them for me. We drove out in town to Kohl's, 'cause I wanted to check out what sales they were having. Bought 2 Samsonite luggage bags, and 1 small carry-on. They were 50% off! After that, we left to Guitar Center (hubby's favorite store) and picked up more gear for his drums. Ate at the Thai/Chinese restaurant, then went home. In all, it was a great day especially with the weather being a nice 80 degrees. I finally got to wear a skirt. I need to work on getting a tan before I move back home to Oahu, or else my family will be teasing me. Haha!

Hope everyone else's day was wonderful!
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