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hey everyone! im jenny 21 from jersey..i have 2 furbabies baci (italian for kisses) and system (my b.f. named her after system of a down) im somewhat new to the forum, i tried to post here b4 but, i couldn't figure out how to get my pics up. now i know!!!! well i adopted baci in sept. and system in oct. i've always had cats my whole life, but i just moved out of my parents house in aug and couldn't wait to get babies of "my own"!! im so happy i have them! if my b.f. let me i would have as many cats as i could. im trying to convince him now to get a bengal, there so pretty. there are kittens for sale by my job $700 is that concidered average price? there so worth it though. i told him i would give him $700 too to let me get one, but its not working i know baci and system would love her/him too! but anyway, i also have a sugar glider his name is stitch, but we can't let all of them play together. i dont think baci or system would kill him, but they would want to play with him and would probably kill him not knowing

here's baci and system!

and stitch!!

oooh ps.s i can't forget princess!! she is my boyfriends daughters kitty she visits us some weekends
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im soooo sorry i didnt know the pics were that big!!!! my bad!!!!!!
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Hello and welcome. Awesome kitties - nearly full size
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Welcome to a fellow New Jersian! I'm in Woodbridge Township. Where are you??
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Welcome to the site! Baci and System are both just adorable! And so is Stitch.
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Welcome to TCS! Your cats are REALLY cute!
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Welcome to TCS Your kitties are adorable
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A big Hello from TCS!
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Welcome to TCS to you and your family, Stitch the Sugar Glider included.
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Awwww sleeping kitties, my favourite pics!!. And how big are those eyes!!, Gorgeous!!
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thanks so much everyone!!! *sweets i live in homdel*
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Awww what a honey
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Very lovely babies! Welcome to TCS.
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Welcome to TCS! The pics didn't load for me, I'll try them again later.
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Oooh they're working now and what cuties they are. Is that A sugar glider? They sound interesting do they actually fly?
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What a beautiful family you have! Welcome to all of you!
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