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One of my males is in love

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Dear Forum,

What can I do if one of my males only likes one of the several females that he could mate?
When another female rolls before him, he simply doesn`t care.
Thanks in advance for who knows the trick!!

Bye bye
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Welcome to the site...I'm not a breeder...but I'm sure some of the other breeders will be on later to answer your question.

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Welcome to TCS! I am a breeder but we've never had this problem before, not many breeders on this site, but maybe Ken will be able to answer your question.
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Hello Sam,

It is the first time that I`ve got this problem indeed!

In your mail you were talking about Ken...who is he?

Thanks for your welcome and have a good party on your birthday in a few days.

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Welcome to the site!!!

We've had this happen a couple of times, and we had to remove all the other females, actually, we took the two that we wanted to breed to a place where they could be together with no trace of any other female. It took a while (1 heat cycle) but eventually hormones took over and it worked like a charm.
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Hello Ken,

thanks for your welcome and your suggestions too!!

I like to give you a better view of the situation:
The male that I`m talking about is nearly 2 years old (Pino)
I bought him 1 year and half ago just to give a partner to a young female that I already have (Beauty). Only one other cat was at home when he came, another female (mongrel 22 years old) but living somewhere else in the house.
I tell you all this story to make you better understand the kind of environment that the male has found.
The persian female accepted immediately the new cat (it`s normal when we consider that the female was 5 months and the male 3) and the male didn`t take long time to belong the new house.
So they have grown together for 6/7 months.
Later on other cats (step by step) came in the cattery and precisely 3 females, a chincilla female and a shaded silver male. They have all socialized and life goes on normally at home.
I believe that anyway Pino has soffered the intrusion of other cats in what he was used to consider as his own space.
Pino is a very sensible cat, pacific like you can`t imagine. He never fighted for the territory with the other male.
Pino is a quite big cat and his kingdom is understood and accepted by everyonelse.
We have understood that Pino really need to stay close by Beauty (the female he has found) even when she not in heat..and it`s somewhat mutual..they are very tied and they like to stay together.
So, this is the situation.
Last month, another female than Beauty was in heat.
He rolled in front of Pino but he didn`t care, she made everything she could to catch his attention but nothing.
We tried to put them together apart but we have got the same result.
When Pino was "free" again he went immediately looking for Beauty in the living room...When he found her he was very happy and he started washing her face.......We should call them Giulietta e Romeo!!
I don`t want to push him (I understand that is wrong and probably impossible) but on the other hand I planned on him for the females that I`ve bought but I start to believe that I will need another male for them.
What can I do??

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I have had this problem. I breed Ragdolls. I finally rubbed catnip on the male, and the female I wanted him to breed with and within 30 minutes they had successfully bred, and kept going! My female was rejecting him so the male wouldn't go near her. Once the catnip was applied they started licking and rubbing on each other and all was well and good. Try it. You will be amazed how well it works.
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