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Proof...You Can Tame A Feral!

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07/03/03….. Kevin & I went out trapping for the cat we dubbed Oakley. We had spotted him in an orchard between the park and college. We started feeding him at the same spot for about 2 weeks. We decided to go for him Thursday evening and in about 10 minutes had him! Friday Kevin dropped him off at the vet for his neuter and when he returned that afternoon to pick him up the Vet Tech asked if she could have him! She came with excellent references, gave us her number so we can keep up with him, and paid for the neuter and testing. We were so happily surprised. Out of all the feral cats that go through this vet on a daily basis, Oakley was picked!!! Another cat saved from the life of the streets!
This happened almost a year ago. Here a picture of Oakley when he was first trapped :

This is him when he was beginning to settle in as a tame. Notice the ear tip?:

And look at him now!!
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Oh no !!!!!!!only the dratted red x's.
Is it me?
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Hmmmmm....I can see the pictures??? Anyone else having a problem?
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Oh poo! It's Imagestation...looks like they have finally really cracked down on remote linking. Lisa, you can still see them because it is your account and you're logged in... I can recommend www.photobucket.com since they do allow remote linking, in the rules of the site and everything! They even provide you with the code to post on sites. And it's still free!
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Thanks for the input! I will try that one out. Seems I'm only having trouble here though??
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What a big beautiful boy. It feels so good to hear good news about feral cats. I have 3, that I have tamed, IT Can be done. So ferals will always have a place in my heart
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My proof is in my sig.
Isis and Luna are feral born cats. Now they are the loves of my life!
Very different from Twig and Rocket. But fantastic non the less!
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Lisa I use Picture Trail, and I don't know if it is the same with Imagestation, but I have to email them and send them the url of the places I post photographs for them to put that into their files. ? Maybe the same holds true now for Imagestation?
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I can see the 2nd pic only .
But I think this is wonderful news for this cat
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I can't see any of the pictures! And no red Xs either - just blank space.
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I love hearing these wonderful stories about ferals being adopted into loving homes! Thanks so much for sharing the story and the pictures (I can see #1 & #3).

Lisa, how about sharing the story of Avon???
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I couldn't see the pics until I 'right clicked & show picture' Oakley is a cutie!
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That did work! Thanks
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