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Hey Everyone!!!! I'm thinking about getting a Bengal kitten. I understand that you have to go to a cattery or a similar place...I think? I'm not sure of how this works with pure breeds though so I'm asking for advice. Like what should I look for in a cattery for it to be a good make sure the cats are treated properly at a young age...and the such. I'm so excited, I have wanted one forever! And it is kitten season soon!!!!! I love cats!!!

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I bought a Bengal kitten last August. I got him at 4 months. He'll be a year old at the end of April. I probably didn't go about getting him the best way possible, because I purchased him at a Petshop. For one thing, I paid more for him, than had I gone to a breeder directly. I met the breeder at the Petshop, and was able to talk to her a bit. However, I think the price I paid was double what you would have to pay, if you went straight to a breeder. My boy is pedigreed, and he's pretty cute, if I don't say so myself.

Bengal's are a lot of fun, and my boy is a real delight, but I will warn you, he's a handful. He is litterly into everything. Nothing, no matter how high I put it, is safe from my little Simba Zulu. My boy is really intelligent, in fact I would say he's smarter and more active than my other two Siamese cats (and I though Siamese were active).

Simba does meow like a regular cat, but he also has some trills, and sounds that are totally unique, and to me they sound beautiful. He seems to have a different sound for different things. Like, I've learned the sound he makes, when he is doing something naughty and he knows it. In other wards, when he's getting into things he shouldn't, he makes a special sound. It's always the same sound, and I KNOW that I'd better check and see what he's into. It's like he wants me to know he's getting ready to be naughty. He has another sound, when he wants attention, and trust me Bengal's want lots of attention.

Bengals are supposed to love water, but my boy doesn't want to get into the tub with me or anything, but he does play in the kitties water bowl, and usually I find water all over the kitchen floor and the water bowl emptied all over at least two or three times a day.

All and all, I think Bengal's are fantastic pets, but you do need to be patient with them. My boy is so cute when he's naughty, and I just can't get mad at him.
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I have 5 bengal cats, ranging from 1 years old to 4 years old. 4 of them came from the same breeder, and of those 4, 2 are brothers. The other came from a different breeder. They are so much fun. I would check out several different breeders, ask them questions about the parents, etc. Check out how the cats are treated, if they are healthy, etc, living conditions, if they've been caged or hand-raised. We got our 4 from the same breeder, as I said above, but I dont think I'd go back their again, after the last 2 we got from them. For one, their conditions were worse off than 2 years ago, and second, Minnie and Winnie had bad URI's and ear mites, but are fine now.
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I would check out differend breeders in your area and see if you can visit them . If they won't let you visit I would be careful to buy .
But if interested , you can check on petsfinder to see what they have . Adult Bengal cats are fun too . There is also Bengal rescue if you are interested in a older Bengal .
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You have som wor´k to do First of all look up if you have any breeders nearby. When you've find a few breeders check if they are registred within some kind of cat organisation (CFA, TICA etc). Don't buy from an unregistred breeder, you'll never know what you get then. Check up what kind of rules the breeders organisation have for breeders so you'll know if the breeder follows them or not.

Never buy a kitten from a breeder that won't allow you to visit the cattery. That's a first warning sign. When you've gotten in to the cattery keep a good look at all of the cats that live there. Do they seem healthy (fast check: clean eyes and ears, nice fur, clean under the tail)? How's the temperment? Do they seem like social cats or more shy and scared?

And then, is the place where the cats live clean?

And when you have decided which kitten you're gonna buy, make sure you get the pedigree! If the breeder hasn't gotten the pedigrees make sure that he or she writer it down on paper that the pedigree is on it's way and doubnle check it with the breeders organisation.

Well, that's all.. for now, I think. Good luck!
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If it was up to just me I would have gotten my Bengal from a rescue organization but Steven was set on getting him from our local exotic pet store. We checked out thier breeder and made sure they treated thier animals well before adopting.

Heidi made a good suggestion...adopting an adult Bengal would be a great idea. They still act like a Bengal, but you get to miss all of the kitten wildness that some Bengals have

Sasha is a real gem of a kitty. He rarely misbehaves and is really a good boy! He is a sweetheart, although he is not much of a lap kitty, he loves affection

Since you pointed out that it is kitten season soon, why not rescue a Bengal cat that is already in need of a home

Good luck with your Bengal search!
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bengal kittens can be quite pricey, some breeders sometimes have ex queens that they are giving away or selling cheap. make sure to look into a few places before you make your final decision. Good luck!
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The responses you received so far are great. All I can add is RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Bengals are high energy and love to be into everything. So you have to decide what type of cat fits into your lifestyle and personality. Bengals can also be quite talkative so if you want a quiet cat you might want something else. I've been researching the Bengal breed for over a year now. I've also visited a local breeder and I plan to attend a TICA cat show next month.

Since you live in MI you might want to check out a show:

Or perhaps there is one closer to you:

At the shows you will be able to see what a Bengal should look like and you will be able to meet a number of breeders and their cats.

Hope this helps.
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Hello. I have a friend in northern Illinois (Rockford) that breeds Bengals along with Siamese. I have gotten several Siamese cats/kittens breeders from her and have been nothing but happy with them. I know she takes just as good care with her Bengals as with her Siamese.

You can visit her newly up-and-running Bengal page at

Contact her for more info on the breed. Good Luck!!

Serenade/Obsession Cattery
Macy, IN
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Just as a note:

Not all Bengals are terrors. Sasha is active and curious but not destructive. They are really smart cats and can be taught the word No quite easily. He is a good boy and I am sure there are alot of other Bengals similiar to him.

He is not really a talker but when he does make noises they sound like squeeks instead of meows
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That url is for a Michigan cat breeder. There's prolly more, but that's the only one I found. Also you could have a kitten shipped to you from any number of breeders, but to me that doesn't seem quite right.

I felt that I had done a lot of research when I decided on a Bengal. And in fact I did. But even tons of research didn't really prepare me for what I was getting in to.
I chose my breeder for several reasons. She had a nice professional website that she updated frequently. She is also a certified Vet Technician. I liked her quick responses to my emails and her willingness to answer all my questions. Plus this picture pretty much sold me anyways:

I made an appointment to go see him and after I talked to the breeder for a while we decided we had a deal. I took him home that day.

He meowed for the ENTIRE two hour ride home. And I don't mean little mews. I mean full on cursing meows, with attitude. Once he settled in to his new home he didn't stop meowing then either. I know that a couple of people have said in this thread that their bengal isn't vocal, but ...not in my case!
I can't stress how sweet of a boy my Toby is, but he definitly tried my patience as a kitten. Many a day I would find a ripped up roll of toilet paper. Plus he liked the game of knocking things off the table. Everything was a toy in his eyes. Having a bengal kitten is going to take more energy than a regular kitten. It's almost like having a puppy on your hands.

However, on the bright side they do settle down. Toby meows much less frequently now. More like a call to play, or an alert that it's past his feeding time. And then of course the occassional hello meows. He's still a very curious cat, and that's a trait all bengals share. Also, bengals are high energy. My boy will play fetch for hours on end if I only had the patience. But like most bengal owners will report, he's not a lap cap by any means. He shys away when you go to touch his head, and he startles easily. So while I can't pick him up at will, he is almost invariably with me everywhere I go. And in fact he was sleeping in my lap for the last 45 minutes or so.

But one serious word of advice. Take the kitten to the vet within the specified amount of time on your contract with the breeder. My breeder specified a three day time window. I took him later than that, at the time for his next specified vaccination. You'll note that you'll have to find a vet that has killed vaccines. Bengals can react badly otherwise. My regular vet didn't offer this, so I took him to a newly established practice that did. It was situated beside a giant SuperPet. The vet there had a real flare for playing up the dramatics. She found a lot of ear wax, so gave me medication for earmites. Then she found a heart murmer and told me that I needed to get an xray and ultrasound or else I couldn't get him neutered. I believe she also said that one day I'd wake up and my kitten would be dead. Then she started bad mouthing breeders. At first I was really upset and I sent an email to the breeder telling her how shocked I was. She responded with equal suprise and offered to pay for the medication, and to take my cat to her own vetrinarian who she used to work with. She showed appropriate concern, but I instead took him to my own usual vet. I explained what the other vet had found to him. He said he didn't see any ear mites, but to keep using the medication anyways. Then he told me that the heart murmer was so minor it shouldn't prevent him from having a long, healthy life, or from a safe neuter. Also, after doing research on the internet I found out that x-rays are of little to no help when it comes to heart murmers. So I guess the moral of this story is, get your kitten to the vet ASAP, so if there is a problem you can find a second opinion and/or return the kitten to the breeder within the time of the contract.

All said, my bengal is the most intelligent cat I've ever had the fortune of living with, and with the fullest, most colourful personality.
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I bought a bengal from a breeder. Be sure that you want a bengal. I bought a bengal because I knew that is what I wanted, hyper energy, very vocal, very intelligent and very demanding. I love it. They will get into everything. They love to climb, kiss you curtains good bye. You can have a nice house or you can have a Bengal.

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Originally posted by Goblin
I bought a bengal from a breeder. Be sure that you want a bengal. I bought a bengal because I knew that is what I wanted, hyper energy, very vocal, very intelligent and very demanding. I love it. They will get into everything. They love to climb, kiss you curtains good bye. You can have a nice house or you can have a Bengal.

I have to laugh at what you wrote, as my Bengal is climbing the windows, right now. High energy and extremely curious certainly fit my boy. Demanding? Yes! Yesterday, I wanted to be on the computer, and Simba wanted me to throw is little crinkley ball so he could fetch it. He kept bringing the ball to me, and batting at my legs and arms to get my attention, and I kept saying, "Just a moment Simba". Finally, he picked that ball up in his mouth, and jumped up on me, and literally placed it in one of my hands. He was not going to be ignored.

Simba is 11 months old exactly today, and he has not calmed down a bit. He is into EVERYTHING. He plays in the drinking water at least once a day, and has it spilled all over the kitchen floor. He always decides to get rowdy, just as I lay down to go to sleep, doesn't matter if it's day or night. He takes flying leaps on my other two cats, and then they get angry with him, but nothing fazes him. I've bought him toys to play with, but he isn't interested in them. He only likes to play with things he's not supposed to play with, or if he does play with his toys, it's only if I play with him.

I did a lot of research also, but nothing prepares you for what it's really like to have a Bengal in the house. With all of this being said, I wouldn't change the fact that I got him. Though he's not a lap cat, he's very loving and affectionate, and such a sweet boy. He's really a lot of fun. He does try the patience at times, but he's also such a joy to have around, that I couldn't imagine life without him.
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I agree with everyone here. My Loki is very very vocal and loud, demanding, extreemly inteligent, strikingly handsome and the sweetes most loving boy there is. Yes, he can be trying at times. For example last night, all he wanted to is play all evening long -not alone - but with Mom and he would not take no for an answer. Bengals are not for everyone - I knew that he would be active - but not this active. But then he sleeps with me every night tucked into my left armpit.

So all I can say is be very sure this is something you want can handle- they are a hand full.

Personally I would not have it any other way!!!!!! He is my love, my baby boy, my little angel *LOL*!!!

PS: I got him through the Bengal Rescue Network!
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My Bengal, Curzon, is pissed at me right now. How dare I rescue these 12 cats. He doesn't care what kind of horrible situation they were living in, they are in his territory now. And how dare I bring in this stray cat that has now had seven kittens.

Not to worry, he will deal, and with kittens he will be playing with them by the time the come out from under my bed. He is all hiss and growel but very gentle. He just has a hard time dealing with the fact that I do not view him as the "Almighty". With the other cats he will settle down, for do not cat think that the are "God". It is just when you have so many aspects of God in one place it takes time for the Almighty to work it out.

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Originally posted by Hell603
I knew that he would be active - but not this active. But then he sleeps with me every night tucked into my left armpit.
My boy sleeps with me every night too, under the covers. He has a special bond with me. He'll barely let anyone else touch him.
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Oh how sweet! I got Loki thru the Bengal Rescue Network from a breeder because he was too shy to sell. It seems his mother hated the cattery and tought her youngens to run/hide from humans. When I first met him all he did was circle me and the breeder told me that he would not let anyone touch him. I sat in the middle of the room and let him circle me and when he was not looking I pulled his tail. I thought that would make it or break it and he made it - all he did was look at me like hey lady what you are doing. So, $50.00 later and after being neutered he came home with me. To this day he still is very leary of other people but his natural curiosity and he is very curious allways gets the better of him and sure enough he'll be checking things out. The other day he was underneath the kitchen sink with the plumber *LOL*

I could not have wished for a better kitty - he is loving/gentle and a kind soul.

PS: His mom was also adopted out and her disposition changed for the better and now is living the live of the pampered queen she is.
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I think that the fact that Berkley became Sasha's "mom" about a week after we brought him home helped with his disposition alot. He was pretty wild and climbed up our legs and walked around meowing like crazy. Then Berkley decided to be nice to him and let him nurse and snuggle with her like she was his mother. After that, he calmed down alot and became a sane kitten again.

So, if you get a tiny Bengal kitten, it may be helpful having a motherly cat figure around who will teach him cat etiquette
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I also have two bengals my male bailey and sierra my female bailey is full of energy and inot everything ever since i brought him home he is full of love and life although you never own a bengal a bengal owns you, you make great pets for them. bailey is vocal when he wants to be loves attention and is not affraid of anything sierra is just a baby but already into everything like he was
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Sasha is getting more and more loving by the day. His newest thing is to sleep with us at night. In the morning, he wakes up and gives head butts and kitty kisses. He rolls over to have his belly rubbed He is a sweet sweet baby boy kitty!
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My Simba is extremely loving and affectionate as well. However he is extremely high energy. He will be a year old on April 25th. I wonder if he will ever calm down, though.
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- Slow down - you have to be kidding - Loki just turned 4 this past march and I have not seen a change!
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You have gotten great advice here about what to expect from a bengal, and how to find one. I got my first bengal last October, and she is the best. She is everything a bengal is supposed to be, talkative, intelligent, active. They are awesome pets, as long as these are qualities you enjoy. I definitely agree with the others who suggested trying the bengal rescue network. I just brought home my newest family member on easter Sunday, who I got through there, and he is a gem. I can't believe anybody gave him up The people who work with the network are very knowledgeable about bengals, and very honest with you about the personality of the cat you are interested in adopting. That's another benefit of adopting an adult or older kitten too, you really know the cats personality, and what to expect from him or her. They also provide great support if you ever have any problems in the future. I wish I knew about the rescue network before I got my first bengal, but then again, I wouldn't give her up for the world.
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You have given great advice on choosing a Bengal. Congrats on your second addition to your Bengal family
Hopefully soon I can make a quick video of Sasha to share with all of you. I wouldn't trade hin for the world
I do have one video on TCS somewhere of him playing with his mouse and jumping up to my shoulder when he was a kitten. I will go search for it now...
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Here is the movie of Sasha jumping onto my shoulder and fetching, with guest appearances by Sterling and Coco Its a pretty long video but he's such a cutie-pie

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Very cute. Sterling seems unimpressed though, "So he jumps on your shoulder and plays fetch? Whoop ti'do! And?"
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your sasha is a very nice looking marble. cute movie both of mine fetch as well cracks me up sometimes
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