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New Year and fear of fireworks

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Hello everyone! I'm posting this subject here, though I'm not sure in which category I would put it :)
Namely, this year, I have to leave my kitty alone on New Year's eve (I tired everything to stay at home, but this time I simply can't). She is quite a nervous little thing so I'm afraid of how she will react to being alone during the fireworks. Do you have any tips for optimizing my apartment so she can be safe on her own (as much as possible, of course). I will give her some herbal medicine that calms her, of course.


Thanks in advance! bigeyes.gif :) :)

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The cats that I have seen on New Year's Eve try to find a safe space. In my apartment they hide under a sofa with skirts that extend almost to the floor. If there are no natural hiding places, you can make one by using boxes or the like that form a tunnel that leads into a corner under a sofa, for example. I think the feeling of being in a hard-to-reach place is what matters to them.

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A safe place is a must. Leave some of her favourite toys in that place and maybe something you have worn that has your smell on it and if you can leave a radio on that will play quiet music. Also make sure the blinds, curtains are close to minimise the flashes.
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