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I'm so aggravated. I just spend 2 (two) hours thats 120 minutes making a my eBay page, then I clicked on edit and it went to the login page. Lost my entire page....2 hours of work....lost....lost....lost. I was so angry I threw my mouse across the room. (no kitties were in the vicinity, I think they knew I was agitated and cleared out)

sorry, just needed to vent.
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Ok, I just read the posts "trying something' and "your favorite poem". I feel a little calmer. I'm gonna go hug a kitty.
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I hate it when i lose stuff on the screen as well!.

Thats the beauty of our fur babies, they know how to bring the stress levels down in us!!
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But, yes, the babies do help the blood pressure level, don't they? I have my Cindy-bun as wallpaper on my office computer (home, too) so, even when I can't claim a real kitty hug, I can at least look into those lovely golden eyes. Works a treat!
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Yah, I know how you feel! I just finished typing a biography in the "super duper important thread" section, and when I clicked on submit.... the login screen appeared. All that typing for nothing.
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We can put people on the moon, but no programmer has yet to make an online form that is flawless!
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When you are in any website it has sort of a timer. If you do not refreash the page it will time-out and boot you right back to the login.

So, if you spend lots of time in one screen, open notepad and paste everything in there before you submit. That way if it times-out, you can paste everything and submit.

Hope this is useful for future prevention

I have 9 computers and my life revolves around computers. I try and find prevention methods, as this sort of thing happens to me all the time.

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Sang, I'm sorry that happened to you. I know how stressful computers can be (((hugs)))

Rascalkitties, The Super Duper Important thread is closed meaning members can't post in there. Sorry.
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