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Emmett & Bee

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Now I'm scared of bees. That is why Jenn got him a bee.....

Here is the bee.

Here is Em playing with the bee. He pulls the string and it vibrates.

And here is Em at his best....looking cute....no bee in sight...but his alien is there.

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Emmett sure looks like he loves his new toy, must be the great vibes!...Just love Emmett pictures!
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Awww that's so cute,he's giving the bee a hug
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You can really see Ems rich red coat in those pics! My kitties love their vibrating mouse.
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Awwwwwww, he looks like he's been giving it a good rabbit kick as well bless him!!.

(Rosie would love that!!!)
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Sure do love you cat Emmett...what a sweety....
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Ahhh he looks so much like my little guy, I love the orange tabbies!
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Saki broke his vibrating fish
It is funny to watch little Saki walking around with this big fish in his mouth LOL.

Emmett looks too cute
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A cute toy for a precious kitty!
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So cute.

I have a vibrating catapiller, my cats wont even go near it
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That Bee sure is a huge Bee , but Emmet did not fear him once . Very cute pics of Emmet
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