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What magazines do you subscribe to?

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Just curious what, if any, magazines you subscribe to? I am unfortunately addicted to magazines! I say unfortunately because they are so expensive these days, but I try to wait for good deals. If anyone has a good recommendation please let me know!

Anyway here is my current list:

National Geographic
New Yorker
Cooking Light
Taste of Home

And here are ones I frequently get, just don't happen to be current on the subscribtion:

In Style
Organic Style

And ones I'd like to try at some point:

Martha Stewart Living (hate the woman, love the ideas)
Real Simple
Cooks Illustrated
The Believer

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I have no subscriptions, I frequently read Cat Fancy, and I plan on getting a SELF subscription.

I know I am boring...
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Time, National Geographic, DIVE (UK), PCGamer, Inside Stuff, FHM(UK & local), reprinted and local editions of Cosmopolitan,and Harpers Bazaar.
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I don't suscribe as such to any magazine but I always get, Flashcats,Pet NZ and pick up any other cat/dog magazine I can find.. I can't help it, I love animals!
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Horse Illustrated
Cat Fancy
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Cat Fancy
Cat Watch
My hubby get a gun magazine ... well he is a cop ..

I am subscribed to Whole cat , but some how I dont get it any more . I think they got bankrupt again or something , I know the first owner did . But I did not like the change after the first change any way .

I also buy Cats USA

And I don't know who did this to us , but we get Country magazine and Bazare . Neither of those are interesting to us . We don't even look at them . But I give them now to my friend Iris , she has a Beauty Salon and I know some people like reading that kind of stuff .

And that's it
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No subcription but I but NewScientist every week.

I read Time and Bulletin now and again.

I adore National Geographic and Australian Geographic.

I really ought to subscribe to the Geo magazines and NewScientist.
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Here's my list (It's a short one!)

Southern Living
Marie Claire
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I dont subscribe, but i get Weight Watchers every month, and OK Magazine. I've looked for a cat magazine but can't seem to see any in the shops so i may have to subscribe for that.
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Only get one or two
Design (I get this free for some reason)
and a fibre artist one that I can't remember the name of!
both are monthly thank goodness or I would have a stack of them backlogged with no time to read them.
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I get by subscription Better Homes and Gardens, Cooking light, Oprah, People, and National Geographic.

I also buy Good Housekeeping and Self pretty often at the market!
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Newsweek and Reader's Digest.
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Scientific American

Cat Fancy

Always get:


Sky & Telescope

National Geographic.

I've been thinking of getting suscribed to a PC magazine.
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I used to read Cosmo religiously... I knew what day it would come out and I'd have it read by the end of the day. Not anymore though. Now I'll sometimes read Canadian Living and O Magazine.... that makes me feel old!
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Memory Makers (A scrapbooking magazine)
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Entertainment Weekly, Discovery, Psychology Today, Biography, Reader’s Digest, People, US, Jane, Stuff, Twist, Redbook, Glamour, Grace, Self, PC Magazine, Interview, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Popular Science, Cosmo, Seventeen, YM, Teen People, National Geographic

I've been wanting to subscribe to a cat magazine and a scrapbooking magazine but I keep forgetting.

And still with all of these, I pick up some at the store too. I'm a magazine addict.
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LOL well Purr is officially the magazine addict and NOT me! I'm so relieved now, I think that means I can pick a new one to subscribe to today!
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We subscribe to:

Scientific America
Mother Earth News
Mother Jones
Arizona Highways

We are so far behind reading those that we don't get any more.
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We subscribe to,
Cat Fancy(of course LOL!)
Fish fancy
and every now and again, I'll pick up a weight watching mag at the store.
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My subscriptions: TIME, Cat Fancy, Geliebte Katze (German cat magazine), plus a gift subscription to Reader's Digest.
Hubby's subscriptions: Acoustic Guitar, Akustik Gitarre.
We both buy other magazines. I often pick up German or English- language news magazines (Spiegel, Focus, The Economist, Newsweek), and he picks up gardening or DIY magazines.
I'm addicted to online newspapers, which has reduced the number of magazines (but not books) I buy.
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You know they ask that on potential juror questionaires? Cause I guess it says a lot about you:

I subscribe to:

TV Guide
New Yorker
San Francisco magazine
Cooks Illustrated
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My subscriptions are Cat Fancy, Cosmo & Glamour.
I occasionally pick up Jane, Marie Claire, People & US Weekly.
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Oh yes, it says a lot about the kind of person you are! For example, what is the impression you get of someone suscribed to a lot of scientific magazines? It will be a different impression than that of someone suscribed to Soldier of Fortune and a gun magazine.
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Cat Fancy
"O" (Oprah)
Scientific America
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Cat Fancy
Dog Fancy
National Geographic
Canadian Geographic
This Old House
Marie Claire
Better Homes and Gardens
Sky & Telescope

Can't remember names exactly..
Martha Stewart (Something)
A PC Magazine
A Civil War one
A Scrapbooking one
A woodwodrking one
A craft one
An astronomy one

I think that is all.

Plus I am addicted to travel broucheres. My mailman hates me but what can I do??

Oh, and I love books. I'm addicted to romance novels I can't leave a store without buying at least one new one.
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All I get right now is Country Weekly and TV Guide; but I wish I could afford Soap Opera Digest.
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Here's my list, but some i don't care for and won't

Car Fancy
Vegetarian Times
Christianity today
Animal Times
Smart Computing
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National Geographic
Reader's Digest
NetGuide (an Aussie computer magazine)
That's Life - a mag filled with lots of readers stories and refuses to have models under size 16 - yay them!

I'd love to get Australia Geographic too but it's quite expensive.

If I'm in hospital or sick at home, friends and relatives will buy every magazine on the rack so I end up getting the most trashy ones full of rumours etc. Oh, and I just love those ones that have the 'lose 10 pounds in 48 hours' diets. Or the ones where there's a weight loss success story and the lady WAS a size 8 but she felt heavy and unhealthy. Now that she's lost 5 pounds and is now a size 4, she feels sooooo much better! LOL
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That's Life - a mag filled with lots of readers stories and refuses to have models under size 16 - yay them!
My mum gets that magazine, I LOVE it! I love doing their puzzles - I even won $60 from doing one of them a few years ago!
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Cottage Life, Style at Home, and some home renovation magazines. If I'm at a magazine stand, I'll pick up This Old House, Cooking Light or anything else that peaks my interest!

But I couldn't live without my Cottage Life magazine! My family has had the cottage for over 70 years and it's the only place where I totally feel relaxed and safe. In High School I was even given the name Cottage Queen because I spent every spare moment there!
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