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Score One for Personal Responsibility!

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No stupid lawsuits saying "McDonalds made me fat!"
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About time!

What USA needs, as well as Australia needs is a Personal Responsibility Bill. At the rate things are going, by the time I put a deposit down on my own home, I may not be able to afford premiums for home and contents insurance. And I'm sick to death of reading the terrorism clause.
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If you eat too much, you will gain weight.

And I agree with Mags- About time!
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I ain't exactly a small government advocate to say the least, but it was about time with that one! Let's think: we all know that those cardboard burgers have a lot of fat, that if you eat a real lot of them you get fat. Then, wouldn't the responsibility fall on you, since you did it voluntarily and knowing what could happen eating that stuff?
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It was on the news last night that there are too many lawsuits in the UK.

Even schools are saying that they can't put plasters on the children in case they have an allergic reaction to them and that the parents may sue!!!. I was gobsmacked to think that some people would actually go that far to get money!
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Its about time..this is the same as the people who sue the tobacco companies because they have smoked for 30 years or so and have cancer. People know the risks and choose to do it anyways, then its that persons problem, not the company offering it. Its a choice and if the wrong choice is made then one must deal with the consequences.
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Definitely a step in the right direction! I've often questioned what has happened to personal responsibility. On Monday, I got into it with one of my students. She's an intelligent girl, with a real feel for foreign languages. Unfortunately, she's too lazy to study for tests, and often cuts classes. She told me that teachers had a responsibility to give tests that all the students in a class could pass (she was one of two who flunked). !!!! She wasn't too happy when I asked her whether a future employer would be justified in firing her if she screwed up a multimillion dollar transaction because she interpreted "1/4/2004", a deadline in an English-language contract, as 1 April 2004, just because she couldn't be bothered to note that such indications should be avoided in international trade? Suppose somebody causes a fatal accident while DWI? Who's responsible - the distiller/brewery? It's always somebody else's fault.
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You just wrote the german initials for Driving Under the Influence. "DWI". No big deal, I just thought I ought to point it out in case someone doesn't understand what it is.

Actually, I have sometimes had troubles with the abbreviated dates. Although in Spanish it is standard form to have it day/month/year, some people have learned to use the month/day/year approach. But, if it's a big matter, I usually ask.
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Originally posted by yoviher
You just wrote the german initials for Driving Under the Influence. "DWI". No big deal, I just thought I ought to point it out in case someone doesn't understand what it is.
Actually, Victor, there are many different designations for drunk driving. DWI is Driving While Intoxicated or Impaired, DUI is Driving Under the Influence, etc. Depends on the state which letters are used.
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Ok, thanks for that one! I only knew the DUI version and when I saw Jcat writing it as DWI I thought that she is writing the German language version. Feeling a bit stupid.

BTW, a school/university has the responsibility of giving its students the chance to pass it courses. If the student, having his chance didn't pass it is the student's responsibility. Here, my parents and I have grown sick and tired of students who say the university has to graduate them. Our answer is "Yes, if you pass everything that is required the university has the obligation to graduate you. If you don't then the university has the obligation not to graduate you!"
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DWI = "driving while intoxicated", while DUI = "driving under the influence". I operate bilingually (English & German), but often find myself using Spanish. Yesterday I wanted my translators' class to come up with "pensively", and asked how you would say "to think" in Spanish (pensar). One guy came up with the answer. Most of the kids understood "toxic" as "poisoned" in another sentence, and wanted to translate the phrase as "driving while poisoned"! Teaching is fun! There's always something you can laugh yourself silly about, but only with other teachers, never in front of students. My husband has become so used to my mistakes that his German has gone to the dogs. We speak German at home, and I've never mastered the German articles. and he seems to hsve adopted my mistakes.
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Driving while intoxicated would also translate directly to driving while poisoned in Spanish. That is why I hate internet translators (Ever tried passing the Star Spangled Banner through one of those?). Pensar would mean to think, it would also say Pensativo, which would be almost like saying thoughful. Not a word easy to translate. I often operate bilingually in Spanish and English.
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