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Cat is pooping everywhere. Please help.

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I have a three year old kitty whom I adopted from the animal shelter two years ago. She always went in her litterbox--she NEVER had an accident. Well, three weeks ago, I moved to a new apartment. She was fine the first week, and then she started having diarhea. She had it in the hallway and under the table. I took her to the vet, who gave her a shot and gave me pills to give to her. He didn't think she was sick, although she had a slight temperature. My cat went in her litter box that day, but now she has taken to pooping in the hallway (same spot) again, twice a day. I don't know what to do. I haven't changed litters, I'm cleaning her litter box out daily, she's eating and drinking fine........I don't know what to do. Please help!
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You have shaken up her world and she is responding by pooping in inappropriate places. I had one kitty when we moved here do this, and I just ended up taking a few more litter boxes and moving them to her spots she had picked. I put shredded newspaper in the boxes, and eventually she stopped. There was just something in her enviorment she wasn't used to so she was acting out in this way. I also started not only changing the litter more often, but I scrubbed the box out daily just in case.
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Scout - Welcome to The Cat Site. I've moved your question to the Behavior thread where I think you'll get more answers. Hope you don't mind...
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Dawn--thanks for moving my post--I'm new here, so I didn't know where to post! Hissy--so you think that her diahrea is do to stress? So I should invest in more litter boxes?
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Oh yeah, cats can get the runs from stress. Trust me, with cats just the wind blowing sometimes causes stress. This one was a big one for her. I would do as hissy suggested. Make sure and clean the areas with an enzamatic cleaner like natures miracle and either cover it with plastic or put a litter box there. Adding at least another box somewhere in the house that she spends a lot of time can help too.
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You guys are great.....I actually DID put her litter box where she has been pooping, and interestingly enough, she's going in it. The problem is, I live in an apartment, and she's been pooping in the hallway right when you walk in the door. Not a good place for the litter box. This is a short term solution. Will she behave after I clean with enzymatic cleaner? Is Nature's Miracle the best?
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Scout...I'm glad moving the box worked. After about a week, start moving the box toward the place you want to keep it. Each day move it about 1 foot closer to its final resting spot. This slow transition to the correct place will make it much less likely that she will have another accident. Though it will look pretty silly sitting in the middle of the room for a few days as you ease it toward the other room!

Good luck!
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