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Yay me!

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I am so very proud of myself, I am going to a cat show this weekend, so I wrote the woman that was in charge of it asking if any Somalis would be there, she said no, but there is a red neutered Turkish Angora that needs a good home, my mom said I could have him, but we have a hard enough time with the 9 we have, and I promised myself no matter how cute a cat is, I will not adopt any more until we can financially take care of everything! So I thought about it and told her that as much as I really want to start showing purebreds, and as much as I want another baby, I couldn't. I am just so happy I was able to do that, 1st step of the 12 step program of trying to not take every cat that needs a home!

Sorry I just had to say this!
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Hi, my name is Sandy and I'm a CAT-AHOLIC.

CHIXYB, congrats on taking the first step!

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Thank you so much, it is just so hard. You want to save all the cats that need a home, because you wonder what kind of home they would go to if you didn't take them. But there is a time to draw the line, and anyways we need any extra money to start working on our house, I have a feeling we need a new roof...I stepped on something wet in my room, and it turns out that whenever it rains water is soaking into my carpet through the walls, so I tore up the carpet and the wood floor is totally ruined ( my bed was over this area so I had no clue it was wet).

I am still so happy I found this place, I feel it is the only place that I can say how many cats I have, most people think 3 is a ton of cats! And people think that since you have a lot of cats your house is automatically soaked in cat urine and covered in trash. I guess thats why we are all here, to change the name of cat lovers!

Haha, sorry I am rambling.
Totally off topic....anyone ever play those cyber pet games? Most of them are horse games, but I started getting back into them and I am hoping I can be a co-owner of one because I have so much darn time on my hands during the day, I really need something to do!
Rambeling again...whoops!
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which horse game do you play? I belong to horseland.
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You are well on your way to being a responsible cat owner/rescuer. Saying NO is paramount. The need is great, there are so many cats out there, but apparently you know your limit! GOOD for you!
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I am on horseland but it is to confusing for me, I couldn't figure anything out right now I just joined . I just wish I could find someone that knows a lot about horses that would like to make a game with me for horses, dogs, cats , etc.
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Well done to you, I've never seen a Turkish Angora in real life but they look sweet. Have fun at the Cat Show.. Stay on the look outs for the persians.
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That's terrific that you know your limit. It's the most important thing to remember in any form of rescue or volunteer work. This form of work is almost always close to our hearts so it is often heart wrenching to say No! for the better long term. Congratulations.

And for online pet games...Try Neopets. Highly addictive.

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It must be so hard for all of you who have more than one fur baby to say 'NO' to another.

I know what i've been like these last few weeks thinking 'will i/wont i' to a second kitty!.
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Good for you! It's hard knowing that these animals need help but you just can't take any more. I'm having the same problem but with a dog. I have my two cats and my boyfriend and myself in a tiny one bedroom apartment but there's this dog that's been at the Humane Society since Christmas Eve and she's just so cute! And the poor thing had been adopted before and returned because "her owners didn't have time for her". Grrr! (They should've thought about that BEFORE they adopted a dog.) Anyway I'm having the hardest time not adopting her but I just know I can't. I don't have the time or the space so I just can't but it's just so hard. So again, good for you for knowing your limits! You've helped a ton already!

Oh, and a_loveless_gem, I used to be so addicted to Neopets...
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