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Wednesday DT

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Ok guys, Happy Wednesday! Today I go back to work yippee.

You will not believe what I did that night. My g/f and I were down in my apartment (She owns the house) and we've had one or two glasses of wine and she says to me "You know...If I lived here...nevermind" So I said "What? My living room? What did you have in mind?" and she says "Ok, I would put your couch against that wall, you t.v. over here, your fish tank in the fireplace, since you don't use it anyway..." So I look at her, then at my room, then at her and she says "Wanna do it?!" and I like "YES!" So we jump up, do a high five and start moving everything out of the living room. I say "Darrell will be home in 2 1/2 hours, so it has to be done by then"

So we start miving stuff and the cable doesn't reach far enough and the extension cords don't reach far enough, so we're changing our plans as we go... We start draining the 30 gallon fish tank and then forget about it draining and before we know it we have a HUGE puddle of fish water all in my carpet. I run and get all my towels and hair dryer and we start mopping it up but it's useless, the puddle is too big. So we put a couch over it. (Later Darrell says we can get the shop vac from his dad tomorrow)

So here we are trying to move the 32 inch t.v. on a 150lb chest We're heaving and puffing, eventually we get it to wear we want it. Then we have to put the wiring under the carpet...yeah. That was fun. We remodulated a coat hanger into a noose and sent it through then dragged the dord through. That only took 45 mins.

So we finally get it all done and I'm re-filling the fish tank when Darrell comes home. He comes through the door, goes to the bedroom and gets changed, comes out and says "Hey Jill how are... you changed the room around" I ask him if he likes and it and he says, tentatively "Yeah, yeah I do" *Phew!! and then Jill left and Darrell and I actually fell asleep in the new living room. Hard to believe cause we never fall asleep in that room. LOL

So onto another topic:
I was searching around for better shoes to go with my new dress http://www.le-chateau.com/products/...1&NavId=930 and here's what I found on wwwjustforlove.com ...They're a little kinky so if you are not into stiletto's this won't be for you. But I LOVE stilettoes (not that I can walk in them... I guess it's a barbie thing)

This first one is the one I best think would go with the dress. Too bad they're $150
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Ok here's another pair:
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and another pair:
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and the last pair:
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Tamme, sounds like you did some "No Cost Decorating" last night (while I just watched them do it on Decorating Cents....). Can you tell I'm addicted to HGTV???

And I LOVE that 2nd pair of shoes you posted! Those are just too cool and sexy! I'm so glad stilettos are finally coming back in style. I HATE big clunky heels.

Thank goodness it's Wednesday. At least the week is 1/2 over. I am so bored at work, it's unbelievable. Nothing is going on here. And there is so much other stuff I could be doing at home....

And, since Earl is DJing tonight, I can actually go to sleep when I want to, instead of when he feels like going to sleep. He's been coming into bed around 11:30 and then decides he wants to "watch TV with me." HELLO! I'm SLEEPING - or at least trying to! *sigh* And then, after eating bunches of gummi bears, can't figure out why he can't go to sleep until 2:30 in the morning. And then, he will turn the TV down pretty quiet (we have closed captioning on in the bedroom so he can watch it when I'm sleeping), but when the closed captioning isn't clear or isn't on that program, he turns it up "because I can't hear it." It will be so nice to go to bed and actually have it quiet when I'm trying to go to sleep.
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I'm having a typical Wed, kind of boring and normal.
I did receive one good thing in my email today, can anyone guess what that was? Yep Amber made a sig for me of all my kitties so everyone can see them! Thanks Amber! I love it!!!!!!!!! Isn't it great!?

Oh yeah Tammie, I like the first shoes alot! I'm a Stiletto girl myself!
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Tamme that sure does exhausting but so much fun!! I love the last pair,

Heidi, Hope you have a great nights sleep!

OMG Barb, I love the siggy! It's lovely to put a face to the name of your kitties.

Today, usual kinda thursday. Nana needs a new car cos hers is blowing black smoke and the man said it wouldn't last long , she found one today she liked, Ford Telstar Pacific Blue stationwagon and the man said it was a great buy.. yea yea but then mums partner said it was cr*p and that she had been ripped off so now we're trying to find her another one.

Hope everyones having a relaxing day.
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Tamme, love the boots. I have a similar pair, without the platform.

Today was a fun day: hungover from yesterday's migraine, I find that the systems are running slowly, at work. At about 2 p.m., it crashed altogether. The backup system is awful and there's a lot that it can't do. About 10 minutes, before I got off, everything came back online. Figures!

Stopped at the library and one of my reserves was in. Bill threw a steak on the grill. He knows that I won't feel like eating, tomorrow. The dentist is going to hurt me and soup is probably going to be the main part of my diet, for the next few days.

Hopefully, work will go better, tomorrow.
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I have an RDO today! YAY! It's a Rostered Day Off! I've been praying for one in the middle of the week too because I'm still not recovered from the insane courier run I was on.

Not doing much, just bumming around on TCS.
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