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Potty Problems

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Please help me! I have recently become a pet owner of a young cat of 8 months old. I have only had her for about 2 months, but recently she has started to soil areas other than her litter box. Previously she never had any problems, so I don't understand! Her most popular spot lately is my bed!!! So, you can understand my frustration! If anyone has any ideas why she is doing this or what I can do to discourage her, it would be a great help!
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The first thing you need to do is have her checked out by the vet to make sure she doesn't have a urinary tract infection. That is usually one of the signs. If the vet gives her a clean bill of health, there are a couple of things to consider. 1. The litterbox may not be as clean as she would like it to be. If that's the case, scoop it twice a day, in the morning and at night. 2. You may have to confine her to a small room (spare bedroom, bathroom or even a cage) with her litterbox, food and water. You probably won't have to confine her long (24 t0 48 hours) before she gets the idea.

Is she declawed? If so, it may be the litter she doesn't like. Usually when a cat is declawed, the litter hurts her when she tries to cover her poo or pee. If the litter is scented, she might not like that either.

Another thing to do is get a bottle of Nature's Miracle. Saturate the areas where she went and let them dry for two weeks. (I hate waiting that long so I put a box fan blowing on the area.) Once it's dry, saturate it again and let it dry.

Good luck.

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Thank you so much! I will take her to the vet soon and change her litter box. I have been using the unscented pearls...they are supposed to absorb the odor better and so far, it seems to be doing a great job. She also still has her claws, so I dont think the scooping her poo or pee has been a problem for her.

Thank you so much!!! :tounge2: I appreciate your speedy response and information!
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Whatever you do, take her to the vet just to be sure. It can do some real good damage if it is a problem and it goes untreated.
The one thing I am thinking is....did you switch from one litter to this new stuff recently? If so, she may be reacting to the switch in litter.
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Dear Lindy:

I also have a similar problem. Our little cornish rex began about two years ago the pee on the bath room rug. No other place. She also did her business in the box sometimes. We took her to the vet - no urinary infections showed up. At that time, the doctor did prescribe an RX, which we tried, but saw no results. We then went to a new Vet - who is on the young side and as up to date as can be. In fact, he had been to a convention where one of the seminars addressed this very issue. First, he suggested that we give her a tranquilizer - but it was such an ordeal to make her swallow that we told him we would rather not give it to her and live with the problem. Then he suggested that we add a dietary supplement (I forgot the name!) We have two cats - Duchess (the Cornish rex) who is 6 years old and GB, her older sister (12), and they both ate this supplement which I ground up and added to their food. They weren't happy about this (and, when I thought about it - I had to agree that I wouldn't be too happy, either, if someone added something to my food!) Well, since I didn't see any results after e months or so, we decided to discontinue doing this (the Doctor and I - and I am positive the cats agreed!). We had not seen results with this addition. The Vet had the occasion to go to a seminar at a convention where this very problem was discussed - it turns out that they think it is a form of herpes - cyclical in nature, and that she would probably have the problem the rest of her life. We finally decided that the most antiseptic way to handle this problem, was the purchase bed pads at the Discount Medical Supply House here in town and to put one sheet with the absorbent size to the floor and another on top with the absorbent side up and then put their litter box on top. That way, when she had an accident, at least she did it on the pad, which could just be gathered up and tossed away. Without the pads, she was peeing on the floor next to the box. I had had two little boxes set up, one in each bathroom of our new condo - but she was doing this at both locations , so we went back to one litter box in our bathroom.As always, we scoop out the box on the average of 4 to 5 times a day. So this problem is not a result of an unclean box. And it's not because we moved - she was doing this long before we moved - and it's certainly not because they don't get enough affection (my husband and I are retired and they have our full attention) And that is where it stands now. So, I suggest the pads unless someone has come up with a better way to solve this problem. By the way, the Vet told me (and how they know this is a puzzle to me) cats don't go "to the litter box" - they go to a place where they know they feel better than before they went -!! Sorry this is so long but it takes many words to review our problem and offer you what little suggestion we have found to be useful. E-mail me at cats2@erols.com if someone has a solution.
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After getting her checked by the vet try some of these suggestions:

1. If you use a covered litter box, remove the lid. Many cats refuse to use covered boxes.

2. If she is peeing just outside the box, try using a larger box or one with very tall sides. This problem most often happens with large cats who just don't fit well into the smaller litter boxes.

3. Try a different type of litter. Most cats prefer unscented fine grained (scoopable) litter. A cat may refuse to use the box if the cat doesn't like the smell or feel of the litter.

4. Make sure the cat feels safe while using the box. If she is startled by kids or other animals (or even you) while she is on the box, she may refuse to use it. Put the box in a place where she can see who is coming (so she won't be surprised) and where she can easily escape if necessary.

5. If your litter box is old it may have absorbed odors even if you keep it clean. Try buying a new box.

6. Use at least one box per cat and one box per floor of your home.

Please take her to the vet today or tomorrow. If it is a urinary tract infection or blockage, she could develop some severe medical problems if it goes on for too long. Urinary tract problems are the #1 cause of inappropriate peeing in cats!
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Wow! Thanks everyone for their wonderful suggestions and advice. This really gives me something to think about and discuss with the vet. I did call her doctor this afternoon and she is going in tomorrow for most of the day. Apparently, they need to gather a sample from her in order to diagnose her if she has a problem. In answer to some of the questions posed :

1. She is a petite kitten and she owns a rather large box for a cat her size.

2. I haven't changed litter brands within the last few weeks. It took me several kinds before I found a brand that handled the odors and the frequency of her bladder. I tried the scoopable kind, but she liked to play in it rather than go in it! hahahaha! Since then, she was going in a pearly brand. They are round and softer for the pads of her feet.

3. Before i owned her, she was a stray for several months. About 2 weeks into owning her, i found out she was expecting. Unforunately due to her previous situation, she didn't receive the best nutrition and miscarried. She had so much trouble with the birth and I had to rush her to the vet. She recooperated just fine after staying the night at the hospital.

4. Recenlty, I have returned to work (I am a teacher) so, I have been away more than I usually am. She has been acting this way for a little over a week, so I would imagine if she was upset, her "fit" would be over by now or at least calmed down slightly. Since then, I have attempted to give her attention every chance I had. In addition to myself giving her affection, my parents and two brothers also dote on her.

I will be sure to update you on her condition according to the vet as soon as he sees her. Thank you for sending me this information. The pad idea is very creative! I will have to remember that. I put newspaper around her box and double up on it, so it does not soak in to my carpet. I also spray Febreeze around the area of her litter box...and that seems to help some. As a new cat owner, some of her behaviors are a mystery to me! Thank you so much!
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Hello again!

Well, Sammy was taken to the Vet and they did find that she had a urinary track infection. They believe it was caused by her recent surgery...So, she is on the road to recovery! Thank you everyone for your great advice and all the help you offered. I never would have thought of a UTI for a cat! I am learning though!
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I am so glad she got to the vet and is going to get treatment now. Not to mention the potty problems should stop once it is cleared up. Yes, cats are a very delicate and interesting species. This is why I am so happy I found this site. Its a great place to find info,meet people and talk about cats. I wish her the best during recovery
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Dear Lotsofcats,
I appreciate your suggestions and I'm going to try one of them tomorrow - I'll go out and get a new litter box. As far as the litter is concerned, we have been using the same type for 4 or 5 years and it has no odor or frequence. It also is not covered. As for more than one litter box - in our old house (5000+ft) we had two litter boxes set up - one upstairs and one downstairs. When we downsized a few years ago (We built our DREAM home!) to 2000 sq. ft. all on one floor, we put a litter box in both bathrooms (the master and the guest) but during the time we had two boxes going - Dutchess did the same thing at both boxes. She will pee in the box and then pee right next to the box! She is a smaller cat, weighing 8+ pounds - while our other cat (GB) weighs about 16 pounds. And, we have the largest litter box I could find. I thought about that box that electrically scoops up - but decided against it - mainly because I thought the sound would turn them off! When she pees on the pad, she attempts to cover it - just like in the box with the litter.

I am going to take her to the vet again - even though we went about 2 weeks ago. I take her there frequently to get her nails cut.

I really appreciate your taking the time to give me all those suggestions. This is a wonderful site - thanks again.

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Lindy, maybe I missed it somewhere in the posts, but is she spayed? You say she has been through a miscarriage, I'm thinking maybe she's not spayed and is going into heat. Some females take to urinating around the house when in heat. Please discuss this issue with your vet and make an appointment to have her spayed ASAP as soon as the vet says it's medically okay.
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