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New Cat! Hope it goes well!

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I have been feeding some cats up by a gas station for months now, there were about 4 or 5 that stayed together. There was one that would come closer than the others, a little female that would get close but wouldnt let you touch her. Well after about a week of trying to catch her, I did and I brought her home with me. That was Monday, and she was so mad. She was so mad and tried so hard to escape from the pen I have outside. Its 6 feet by 8 feet and I escape proofed it the best can. I plan on taking her in and having her spayed as soon as possible, by the first of next week and getting her vaccinations and worming and tests. For the first 2 days, she acted like she wanted to be petted but just wasnt sure, so I would just feed her and talk to her and made sure she was ok. The first nite I stayed up all night watching her to make sure she didnt try to dig out of the pen, I made her a house out of a storage bin and put in a light in her pen to keep her warm at nite. Well she finally let my husband pet her, she loves him! He has been in the pen with her and she will let him pet her and she just loves him. I'm hoping all goes well and she can be a part of the family inside soon. She is solid white and looks like she is about 10 months old. I knew she would be coming into heat soon and having lots of kittens and I wanted to get her before that happened. I hope and pray she is ok and can come in with the rest, I know it will take time though for that to happen. I was feeling really bad Monday because she was so lost and scared and now I feel much better that she is warming up to us. Right now she is in her house I made for her soaking up the warmth from the light we put in for her. We are calling her Ladybug, so I guess that will be her name.
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What type of light are you using to keep her warm? If you have access to straw or hay, that would be a better bet, for she can burrow down into the warmth and stay warm. Depending on the type of light you have provided for her, she could get to warm and unable to escape the heat of the lamp might make her uncomfortable?

Thank you for providing for her. Just keeep feeding her and giving her fresh water, get her to the vet and soon she will be a welcome addition to your home. She won't become a house cat overnight, it will take time.

I moved you to a forum where others who have been there and done that can help you.
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The light isn't in the house I made for her, just about 2 feet away, its above her house pointing downward about 2 and a half feet above her house. The sides of the pen are wire so there is air in there and it has a tarp on the top, so it wont get too hot for her. She has 2 choices of a place to sleep, one is the crate in there with an open door and sides that are vented and the house that I made, she loves it the best. I will look for some hay also, we have a feed store close by that may have some. I am making the appointments for her today also. I will have to post a picture of her soon.
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Ladybugs appointment for spay and testing and vaccinations is made for this coming Monday! I pray that all goes well with her tests.
Keep her in your thoughts! She is doing good, letting us pet her and is eating well, and used the litter box for the first time last nite, I dont think she knew what it was when we put it in with her but she is using it now.
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Good luck with little Ladybug - how are the others at the gas station doing?
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I went last night and fed them, I leave them dry and canned everyday, there are 2 other ladies that feed them also. They wont come close, they stay their distance but they do love the food and water. I have made them houses also so they can stay out of the rain and cold and put them in the woods where they live and they do use them.
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Hey Malynn...that is great that you feed and have made shelters for these cats. Are you planning to trap and get them spayed so that they don't end up getting pregnant??

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I have an appointment on Monday morning for Ladybugs spay and shots, etc. However this morning I noticed blood on her vulva area. Just a drop, and then again this afternoon too. I am very concerned about this, I know they dont usually bleed when in heat. She goes in to the vet at 8:30 Monday morning so she will be seen soon, I just didnt know if anyone had seen this before in a cat. Could this possibly be a urinary tract thing? Just worried and would like to know if anyone else has ever seen this before. Thanks!
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Sorry Malynn, I have no experience with this! I'm just glad she's getting to a vet Monday. You're wonderful for caring for her, and any tips on bringing her inside and integrating her into your home as a pet, feel free to ask! However, there is a GREAT thread on socializing ferals - here's a link: Socializing a Feral: Lucky's Story

While at the vet, make sure they do regular bloodwork, test for all diseases (FeLV, FIV, etc.), she'll need her vaccinations, and make sure they know she's feral, so ask them to do a fecal smear to check for parasites. She'll likely have them, and make sure you get medication for them and understand when and how to administer the follow-up. (Depending on which medication they use, you'll have to provide her a liquid or pill in either two or three weeks).

We had a lot of problems with round worm, and it took many treatments to get rid of it. So several weeks after the last treatment for parasites, please get another fecal sample to the vet to make sure she's clear.

Good luck, and this is so great of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Send good vibes for little Ladybug, she goes in tomorrow morning bright and early to the vet for spay and to get checked over. I'm hoping and praying everything will be ok for her, she is such a sweet girl. Please send good thoughts her way!
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Just got good news! My husband called the vet and everything is ok!
Her tests came back negative, and she is just waking up from her surgery, we can pick her up in the morning! I'm so happy!!
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I'm so happy for you, I read about Ladybug in the lounge earlier and have been keeping my fingers crossed!!!!
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Well Ladybug is home now, she seems to be doing great! Lots of purring and wanting attention. She ate really well and we put her into our extra bathroom to get some rest and quiet. The bleeding she was having was a miscarriage the vet said. I'm so glad I caught her when I did and got her spayed. Hopefully she will adjust to being an inside cat and getting along with the others. I know it will take some time and patience. She is such a cutie. I will post a picture of her soon. Thanks for everyones well wishes for her!
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Update on Ladybug. She is now sleeping by my husband, all curled up. She is so sweet! She is still a little scared sometimes, but all in all she has adjusted great! She is enjoying her feather toys and catnip toys and eating her Fancy Feast every morning and evening! The other kitties are warming up to her slowly. We havent let her have the run of the house yet, just when we can watch her with the others.
She is currently living in our bedroom and has discovered that the bed is a really good place to sleep, for the longest she wouldnt get up on the bed. She usually wakes us up about 3am pouncing our feet.
She is the sweetest little girl! Hopefully she will be running around with the rest of them soon. I will try my best to post a pic of her tomorrow.
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That's great news, can't wait to see the picture.
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Thanks for the update! Hearing that the adoption is going so well just made my day!
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