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Too many treats?

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When Dori was a kitten I got into the habit of giving her treats right before I left the house. It started because I wanted to give her kisses goodbye but she wouldn't come to me before I left, so I grabbed the treats as a way of getting her to come to me. This has gone on for almost a year now. Every morning once she hears me turn the hair dryer off she knows there is only a few minutes before I leave and she practically tries to rush me out so she can have her treats. I think this was a bad thing to get started because even if I go out the door to run to the store she expects treats before I leave. I haven't had the heart to deny them to her because as I am walking down the stairs outside I hear her crying. I guess it doesn't help that I feel guilty enough all ready that I work full time and have school 4 nights a week. I give her the crunchy tarter control friskies treats (the only ones she will eat). I give her about 10 in the morning and if I come home at lunchtime and leave again I give her maybe 6 or 7 more. I never worried about it much before because she was really skinny, but since she got spayed around Christmas time the weights been coming on. I am assuming it's unhealthy for them to get too fat, so is there a treat I can give her that is not fattening, or do I have to break her of the habit? If I need to break her of the habit, what is the best way?
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maybe give less, like 2 or 3? Thats what I'd do. I'm not sure how to answer the other question though, the one on whether or not you should switch the kinds of treats. You said the current one is the only kind she will eat? Actually, come to think of it, my Buffy would only eat normal dry cat food and water, but after she was spayed, she developed quite an appetite. Now she eats anything. Try getting some other treats again, and maybe she'll take them.
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Oooo lucky little thing to get all them treats. Maybe you could start by instead of giving her ten give her only 5 or 6. do this for about a week and then cut down again for a short period and then just 1or2 before you leave. You will have a little barrel rushing you for the door if your not careful
I wouldnt worry about her crying, she probably stops as soon as you have gone - like small children do.
Good luck
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Rosie knows when it's treat time as well.

She gets 5 crunchy treats when i leave for work and normally when i'm eating my meal on an evening she'll come and sit beside me, make a 'trill' noise to get my attention, then walks across my knee and gives me headbutts in the process, then she gets another 5 treats.

I dont know of any low fat ones though?. I also get her some freeze dried pure fish bits as an extra treat as well.

Normally on a weekend she gets a few extra . Remember also that because she's spayed, they do get a flabby tummy that makes them look bigger.
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We're going thru puppy obedience training right now. When we started training, they suggested treats every time they did what you wanted, but we're now working thru how to wean them off treats. They suggested generally 3 things to wean them off:

- Give them love and scritches rather than the treats
- Play with them (throw a toy, wrestle, etc) instead of giving them a treat
- Give treats every other time, every 3rd time, etc until they are off of them.

You might want to start cutting back on the number first, then try some of the above?

Good luck!!
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I would give her less if it were me. I would also make her work for them. Put them up at the top of your cat condo, or clear off a shelf she can get to easily and start leaving them there. If you cut them out altogether it is likely to upset her, because it is a routine and she now expects it, and cats love routine stuff. But make her exercise to find them, don't just leave them on the floor for her.
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Thanks everyone. I think that gradually cutting the quantity of treats down is a good idea. I also think making her work for them is a good idea, this way she gets exercise. Especially since she gets them practically everytime I leave the house. I just went home for lunch and gave her a small handful as I was leaving . I really just want her to be healthy, that's the only reason I asked about it. I don't want her to be too heavy to move around in 5 or 6 years because I am feeding her too many treats now. Giving her just a few should be enough to satisfy her because it's not like she needs them because she is hungry. Right now she gets 1/2 a package of the Friskies Fine Cuts in the morning and I keep dry Science Diet down for her all the time.
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I'm afraid Max is terribly spoiled in the treat department as well. Actually he's spoiled in every department. He demands them and I know it's my fault. I also feel guilty for leaving him. I'm glad you asked the question. I will be giving my furbaby less treats too.
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I have stopped giving Miikka treats altogether. I found that shortly after a treat she would race around like a complete crazy beast. This was a consistent behavior. She was into everything climbing on everything, fighting, biting and generally being hyper.

Since I stopped giving her treats I have noticed a complete turn around.

I looked at the ingredients of both treats and the only thing in common was a Red Food Coloring 40. (Which I have learnt is also the product that makes some ADHD children act up....)
Not sure if this applies to cats, but I think the treats were making her squirrely!
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