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Brat Camp

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A programme started here in the UK last night called "Brat Camp".

It's about 6, very spoilt, very obnoxious, aggressive, foul mouthed teenagers from the UK who are going to get all of this knocked out of them at a camp in Utah.

They, along with their parents were interviewed before they left for the states, and some of the poor parents were in tears through dispair at how their kids behaved towards them, some had actually raised their hands to their parents!.

Once at camp there were tears and tantrums, and it's going to get worse for them, but i bet they come back 'new' people!

I can't wait for next week!
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I'm going to have to tape this as I watch CSI (cant do without my weekly fix I'm afraid). I read in the Radio Times that although one of the kids thought it worked, no longer on drugs, he still thinks his parents dont listen to him.
sounds a bit like boot camp for young offenders to me before they abolished it (shame)I read somewhere that 30 kids have died at some of these camps although not the one in Utah!
I do love it though when 'know it all' kids get their comeuppance, a tragic flaw in my character.
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Oh god so do i Tulip!.

My stomach churned in anger at the way they spoke to their parents. Theres a girl at work who has 2 teenage boys who speak awfull to her that should be in this camp!.

I would'nt of dared to speak to my parents the way these 2 do, i had more respect for them.
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