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Pressing her head under my chin... what does it mean?

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I'm figuring this is a thing of affection or trust, but I want to be sure. Buffy loves me (I'm kind of a mother to her, as i fed her milk when she was only 4 weeks old, and I cared for her like a mother), and I love her. If she finds herself alone in a room, she goes in search of humans, mostly me. When I'm petting her and stroking her, she'll purr and if I'm sitting or lying down, she'll press her head under my chin, or in my hair, or under my ear. She'll hold it there for a few moments, and then will pull it away and continue purring and basking in my affection. Just a few moments ago, I was resting my chin on her back, and right when I lifted my head away, she stuffed her fact into my neck, the top of her head pressing against the underside of my chin. Then she curled up into my lap and fell asleep, and she's still there right now. Willow doesn't do it to me, and she's the kind of cat that doesn't care for human attention. I've seen Buffy do this to Willow (Willow is like another momma to Buffy, as she was the one who taught Buffy the cat ways of life). Buffy rests her head under Willow's head, and Willow gives her a grooming (or, a "comb-over" as I like to call it). What does this signify? Trust? Love? "Pet Me"? It's quite interesting and fascinating to me
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I'd say that it's a sign of affection. My Willow(the biggest cubble bug) Will do this to get my attention to keep petting her "sweet spot". She also does it when I am sleeping and wants some lovin. Even if I am sitting on the couch and she's walking on the back of it she will Swoop down to give me a little nudge as if to say "hi mom! I love you!" and then walk away. So yup I think it's affection and to get your attention just so you recognize her.

P.S. Are you a Buffy the slayer fan too? That's where will got her name from. And Her brother is after the Wesley Snipes Vampire Movie Blade LOL. Aand to think I'm not a Big Vampire flick fan.
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Awwwww yes without a doubt it's affection!.

Rosie always headbutts me(especially when she wants her treats!). But i love it if i'm lying down and she jumps up on me, makes a 'trill' sound, then throws herself down and curls her head around as if to say 'Im sooo happy!'
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haha, yeah, both Buffy and Willow were named from the show. We thought Willow would be sweet, but she turned out to be a terror (kinda like that one part in the show where Willow goes evil). Buffy is sweet, but bold, strong, and stubborn, much like the character. My sister already has plans to name a future cat Oz, Giles, and/or Xander. Future females will be Tara (if it loves Willow ) , Dawn, Anya, and whoever I'm missing, lol! I'll do it too, just to keep the legacy alive, but I'm eventually going to have to start naming them different stuff when even all the guest stars have cats named after them. I'm gonna cry that day... lmao!

Now, Willow does the trill thing, but only when she sees birds. The most affectionate we ever see her is if she rubs against our legs early in the morning, but she'll tolerate a maximum of 10 pets before she goes away. At least she's got love in some way, through Buffy (they love each other, as Willow turned into a mommy for Buffy when Buffy came as a 4 week old orphan)
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LOL Funny how things get started!!! I too have plans to Name my other kittes along the same lines.......But my next one is gonna be Spike LOL or Angel depends on if it's a boy or a girl LOL I don't think I will carry it any further then that tho.
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My Cosmo always head butts me after supper when it is tv time. He is so loving...Newman on the other hand does not headbutt. He'll give you this tiny lick on your hand... to let you know he cares....but he looks at you like thats it baby .. so don't get all excited. the only one he shows like he cares is my Husband...Which he too acts like he could take or leave Newman. But in the last 2 yrs they have formed a friendship.....male bonding I
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Your cat loves you
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I head bonks
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Yes, I always joke that my Red Cat wakes me up in the night and wants to neck. He puts his head under my chin and just keeps rubbing it back and forth. Then he demands that I pet him for half an hour - or an hour. Males!
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lol! Buffy only does it when she's craving attention, which is about 22 hours of the day. The other 2 hours are when shes eating, playing with Willow, sleeping with Willow, or going potty. Also, sometimes she really "gets in the mood" when I'm petting her, and she starts to drool. She purrs like she's in heaven, and then suddenly a drop of something will splat on my arm (or throat, which is a gross feeling). She did it quite often as a baby, and at first we thought it was snot and our stomaches hurled quite a few times. But then we noticed that it was coming from her mouth. And then she grew older and seemed to be able to control how often she drooled, but she still lets loose a few times. kinda gross, but as long as you have kleenex nearby at all times, you'll be fine
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