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How fast does cat hair grow back?

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I shaved Willow down about 3 days ago (and she got all perky because of it) but today I've noticed how long her hair is. Its getting pretty close to the original length, though it's still pretty pale. How fast does the hair grow?!

Oh, I'm not complaining though . If anything, this will help my sister stop threatening to shave down Buffy (a shorthair, and my baby) as she starts to "forget" and lose interest.
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When Rosie was spayed, it took a few months for it to get back to it's full length.
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Yeah, Buffy's hair is still growing back, but is it something Long Hairs have? or is it just my imagination, lol
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Dori got spayed 1 week before Christmas and the hair on her belly is still not as long as it was when it got shaved. It does seem to be groing in thicker though.
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I suppose my question isn't how fast cat hair grows back, but why you would shve your cat in the first place (if not for spaying)? I've thought several times about shaving Duncan, but not seriously. However, if it's not going to hurt him, I might think more eriously about it for the summer. Oklahoma can get pretty hot.

So...why shave a cat?

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Originally posted by DuncansDaddy

So...why shave a cat?

There are many reasons to shave a cat. Especially a long haired cat. There was a thread about this a week ago or so. One reason is the heat and especially if you don't have air conditioning. For example, my cats have very long, thick, cottony coats and if I didn't have air conditioning, they would have a heat stroke here in the summer. We have weather over 100 for quite a few days/weeks in a row.

Another reason is a long haired cat that won't let you groom him/her. ONe of my five is like this. And with persian's, if they mat extensively it can form a shell around their body and cut of circulation.

I'm not sure why someone would need to shave a short haired cat. But I bet someone here can come up with some reasons!
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the reason I shaved Willow was because someone else on another forum said that her cats like to be shaved. They felt naked for a little while, but they were happy. So I decided to see if shaving would have any affect on Willow's emotions, and yes, it did. She got all perky and affectionate (though she might have been feeling wonky from feeling naked, lol).
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That is strange to shave a short haired cat.

I would never ever shave my cats.
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Okay, next question...should a vet/groomer do it, or can I do it myself?

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