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Ive caught my boyfriend kissing Sam when he thinks no one is looking. I smooch the kitties all the time. I tell Sam to give Mommy kisses and he puts his head down so I can kiss the top of his head.
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My roommate is 6'6 nearly 300lbs of muscle and he kisses my cat all the time. He snuggles him against his face and kisses all over him! Of course, he IS in touch with his "feminine" side so he's not a good example. Just kidding.

Tell your friend if he would kiss more cats maybe he'd be happier and worry less about what people think
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Tiki is probably THE most kissed cat in the world. My girlfriend (who also kisses her constantly) thinks I'm going to freak-out if anything every happens to her. She's probably right.

I usually give Tiki plenty of attention, but she's also very aggressive about rubbing faces, purring, being affectionate. There are times she wants to do her own thing, and there are times she wants nothing more than for me to pick her up so that she can go to sleep on my chest.

That might be somewhat normal behavior, but I think it's also attributable to her being a feral and abandoned by her mother. Those first few weeks/days that she was sick with her eye ulcer, she would silently meow at night until I opened her cage, at which time, she'd jump out (despite the fact that she could barely jump over the bottom metal rail) and go to sleep on my chest.
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Tiki is gorgeous!
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Were both cat kissers tooo!!!! hubby and I......There our boys....
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I've found my DH kissing my little darling before.
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Scott77777.. you kitty is a cutie..

Adorable pictures..

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Tiki is adorable! I kiss my Sash all the time, and he never complains. I hug him and just kiss him soooo much. I even kiss his belly alot. My boyfriend loves him dearly but never kisses him, he does give him alot of love though with his pettting.

Lisa & Sash
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