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Guys..........Do you kiss your cat?

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I was kissing my kitty yesterday and my roommate walked in and said that he swears I have turned into a sissy (actually he used a different word but it's not P.C.) Guys out there do any of you kiss your cats? Or am I wierd?

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Well my boyfriend kisses his our cats all the time and he's far from "wussy" so tell ur roommate he's a dork and continue kissing
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Rofl....no one would dare call my dh a sissy or anything related due to his kissing one of our cats...he's a big strapping linebacker built Czech-Swede, and about as he-man looking as they come.

Please don't ask me about Alix and her habit of french-kissing....
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I kiss Rosie to bits!. And before my boyfriend and i split, he used to kiss her as well and he used to be a 5'9 ex army lance corporal, in fact, when Rosie was a kitten she used to be called a 'daddys girl'!.

I reckon your roommate is jealous because kitty does'nt ask for kisses from him! LOL
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Jake is 6'3 230lbs and he kisses the cats all the time. I think its nice when men show their love of cats.
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nothing more attractive than a man kissing a kitty on the mouth, lmao!
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D. kisses my cats but on their heads, not on the mouth, although they look at him as if they want to be kissed there!
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:lips: :lips: of course I do :lips: :lips:
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I kiss Summer everyday! My boyfriend has also kissed her(I seen him do it out of the blue one day)...although I'm sure he may do it more when I'm not around. Silly men!

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Sure I do! But not with my mouth, I get thier cute little faces in my hand, and make thier noses touch mine, eskimo fashion! Let's rub noses, like the eskimoses, don't you know that's eskimo for I love you........!!!!!! hootiecat
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Hubby kisses the cats, and I have to say that he isn't what I would call a wuss either.
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my boyfriend gives baci & system kisses all the time...actually they give him the kisses...baci likes to lick our noses and lips, and system will only give kisses when she wants to. baci you can say kisses and he starts licking away!!! my boyfriend is far from "sissy" so keep on kissing them you know your kitties love it!!!!
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My fiance kisses Zoey and Saki all the time
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I always kiss Max. He loves to be kissed.
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My S/O kisses his cat all the time, and I wouldn't call him a sissy! He hasn't tried kissing our cats cause they're still skittish around him. (Its a blended family)
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my fiance always kisses our cats! i think it's sweet, although i don't know if he would do it in front of his friends...
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ummm... no. I think Id look really wierd kissing a cat
I wouldn't say kissing a cat makes you look like a sissy though, just a very open person.

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My husband kisses our cats all of the time! They kiss him back too - on the lips and all. Same thing with me.

To tell you the truth - I think they get more kisses from him than I do!
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My husband is kissing the cats all the time . And he sure don't look like a wussy to me with 220 pounds of manhood

Brandon , Brandon
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Originally posted by 3BlackCats
To tell you the truth - I think they get more kisses from him than I do!

So funny

My boyfriend kisses my cats and they kiss him back, especally(sp) Frosta, she runs to him when she sees him and has to be picked up and kissed. Its so cute
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I kiss Patches and Tiger on their heads all the time. I am sure my boyfriend would kiss a cat too!!
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Jeff kisses our cats on the head all the time, and he's a 6'2" 200 lb retired Marine. I don't think anyone in their right mind would call him a wuss.
Kiss those kitties.

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well, wanted to add my two cents, I am 250lbs, a biker and have been in law enforecment for 17 years. I kiss my kitties all the time, and belly kisses once in a while. They are my escape froma mad world, I dont think it makes you any less of a man. It shows that you can have a heart and care imho/
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I give Miikka kisses all the time. My GF doesnt like it and says its gross, but Miikka needs her love too!
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Brad gives our cats kisses on the head all the time. In fact, all of our friends that have cats, give them kisses, man or woman! No it's not wussy or unmanly, tell your roommate their just jealous that the cats love you enough to let you kiss them!
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My mums ex boyfriend did all the time and my dad does.. haven't seen mums new boyfriend do it, but I always kiss my cats!
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Why not??? These two cats are a laugh a minute!!! I don't need TV, just watching them for an hour a day is a great deal of fun. I usually kiss them on the head or rub noses with them (when I can catch them). They like each other so much, they just ignore me (unless it's time for food or the litter box is full). Oh well, I guess I'm just the lonely landlord here.

Pics coming soon of both of them. I promise!!!

Mike for Clyde & Little Bit
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I kiss my cats. My fiancee thinks it's cute though he would never do it.
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Of course I do. And my s/o loves to kiss their paws. He is always grabbing them and playing with their feet.
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Yep, my boyfriend kisses our cats. And Sparta kisses him back. And I am always kissing them! On the lips and nose and top of the head and paws and tummy....
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