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Oh no

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I went outside on our balcony(4th floor) and Fluffy had pushed the screen out of the bedroom window. Socks is missing I can';t find him. I'm so scared he fell and he's dead. Please,please pray we find him.
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Praying hard for Socks

Socks, please come home!!!!!
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First calm down and look in the house, send hubby to look outside, but you look in your home. Get down on your hands and knees, turn over chairs, look under things, inside things, make a throrough search of your home before going outside. Again, send hubby outside to look for signs of either Socks, or of injury. Cats have been known to jump off the top of telephone poles and not sustain injury, it depends on the landing pad. Once you have determined Socks is not in the house, broaden your search to outside STAY CALM being hysterical will only cause him to hide from you. Breathe deep and keep focused and take some cans of cat food and pop the top while you call him. Don't shout for him, use the same soft voice you use when he is in the house.

Good luck, I am praying you find him safe and sound inside.
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Dh just went outside by the bushes and didn't see him there. We are still searching the house.I shook the food dish and nothing Please come back Socks
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My dh just said he didn't take a good look for a body because he didn't want to see his body I'm scared to go look.
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{{{{Socks come home!!!!}}}}
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I went outside and a neighbor heard a meowing and it was Socks! He fell 4 stories without 1 scratch!!He was very scared but purred when i got him back!!! Thank you for the prayers!
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I'm so relieved to hear that socks is back. What I have done to keep my kitties from pushing out the screens is, I goto home depot and get a couple of those screen patches about 4x4. Metal is better, as fiberglass has a tendency to give way easily. I attach a piece of strong cord or wire to the center of the screen patch. Then I sew the patches top and bottom to the screen (really easy, the holes are already there (dental floss works really well for this) Finally I anchor the string or wire to a small nail or screw mounted to the drywall. This way, even if the kitties manage to dislodge the screen, the cord holds the screen in place. When moving out, I just take a lighter and burn away the stiches holding the patch into place.
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thank god socks is ok.... give socks lots of hugs from me please..
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Danielle, just to be safe you should take him to the vet tomorrow and have him checked out. I am glad he is home, and I will be merging the threads so people won't panic when they read he fell off the balcony.
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I'm glad to hear that Socks has been found alive and well.

I'll provide a link for you to read about cats falling or jumping from heights and why they generally survive without injusry or serious injury. But I do agree with hissy, do take him to the vet for a check-up.

Cats and Aerodynamics
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Hugs and kisses for Socks. Glad he's safe!
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Oh gosh, at the start of this thread I was so scared. I'm so glad Socks is safe.
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OMG just started reading this and as i scrolled down i kept saying 'please let the next posting say he's turned up'. Am i pleased for you, you must have been frantic!!.

I bet you kissed socks to bits!.
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Aw Poor Socks! I hope you will just to be safe, take him to get a look see from the vet just to be sure he's fine and dandy! When he gets a clean bill of health, give him a squeeze for me and lots of scritches too!
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Good luck and please do post the recipes when you can! I subscribe to a number of cooking mags and I always want to enter their contests but never do. Maybe I should start, seems like it would be fun to be a finalist!

Let us know!
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