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My vet says its caused from the antibiotics my cat is on. So they said to get an anti-diarrhea for her from the store it is made for human's but she can take it. I don't remember what it was called it started with a k or c. Anyone have any clue or if it really isn't safe for my cat, because I'm about to find another vet for her? Or any methods that work good.
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Hi UTCandy, I think we've already met

Do not give your cat Kaopectate at this time. Get a second opinion Please see these links. They may be unfounded, but when it comes to furbabies, it's better to be safe than sorry.




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It is not unfounded, the new formula has a form of aspirin in it and is very dangerous to give to your kitty.
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I don't know of any form of anti-diarrhoea treatments that humans take that animals can take. Please, ring your vet and advise them that Kaopectate is unsuitable to give to cats and why. They just might not be aware that it has been reformulated. You need to talk to your vet about a treatment that is suitable.

Try adding some Gastrolyte to your kitty's drinking water. This will aid in replenishing lost salts due to diarrhoea and help prevent dehydration. Provide plenty of drinking water around the house.
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Actually here it would be called Pedialyte I think.
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Jeepers! Thanks Mary Anne....I think it's now my brain that isn't fully working.

Gastrolyte is similiar to pedialyte, (possibly the same but I need to check on that!). I know Pedialyte is supposed to be formulated especially for infants and young children so that's probably better to use for kittens and cats as they're also quite small. Gastrolyte is normally reccommended to adult humans.
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