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I'm so Stupid some times

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Theres a sponsor website up here that is advertzing trips to the Canaries Islands from as 84 pounds.

My first thought when I saw this was: What???? There selling canaries on here?? We must really be slaves to our cats if we are buying them birds to eat

I then saw the rest of the advert
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Buying live animals to eat Not my idea of good food.
Id like to visit the canary islands someday.... but first Im going to cali.

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lol, i've done that before....sometimes u just read things wrong )
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You just had'nt had your cup of coffee to start your day off!!.

Thats always my excuse anyway
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LOL! The Canary islands sounds lovely.. Perfect for a cat site!
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Not sure that the Canaries are that great for cats. The birds are actually named after the island, which in turn where named after the native digs, Canis being latin for dogs. So they are the Islands of the Dogs!
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Well, I don't know how the island was named, but being accustomed to naming it in Spanish "Islas Canarias" I saw "Canaries" and thought precisely of birds. Until I realized its a british site for traveling. I could not even recognize the english name of the islands! Anyway, the Canary islands are pretty nice place to go to. People are so similar to Puerto Ricans there everyone would think I was a canary (no not a bird!), while in Spain!
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I guess I'm not the only one who thought that.

Now I don't feel so stupid.
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