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New Efforts Are Being Made To Find Bin Laden

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I'll be a cynic here, but my guess is that he will be caught around October. Two words: election year.
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Being an election year, these stories seem to come when the government isn't doing so well in the polls....well at least in Australia anyway.

Anyhow...I don't think these efforts are new, just merely ongoing and these reports are to remind civilians that the search continues and work is still being done with homeland security so why change government now?

Same sort of strategy if an election year happens to coincide with a war that a country is involved in.
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Originally posted by Momofmany
I'll be a cynic here, but my guess is that he will be caught around October. Two words: election year.
BINGO!!! My husband has Arabic satelite and all the Arabic news stations are saying we already got Bin Laden several months ago. And they are speculating why Bush hasn't told the world yet.... ELECTION BAIT!

Just some food for thought. (I can't tell you how many times the last 2 years I've heard something from my husband way before the American media had it)
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Hmmm My thoughts exactly guys...I hear there are online vegas style betting going on where everyone picks a date that it'll be reveiled that he is caught.....a guy in my class thinks their spying on him, and know exactly where he is but are waiting to officially close in on him in a few month....it wouldn't suprise me if Bush would do that just to get numbers in the polls. I also find it funny how his so-called WMD in Iraq scandal won't be investigated until 2005..AFTER the elections....hehe. I hope he loses badly!

I can see why he is focusing already on his re-election campaign...
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"its only a matter of time"

How long has that been said now?? hmmmm...years I believe.

Bush has really messed up and he knows that which is why he is trying to save his sorry butt from being ousted. I didn't vote on the past election, but I surely will this time and it won't be for Mr. Ego. It seems awfully convenient that this would come up at this time instead of a year ago or more.
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Okay, I don't like Bush at all, and mistrust his administration. But isn't this "conspiracy theory" a bit too much? "Carlos the Jackal" wasn't caught for around 20 years, and Abu Nidal supposedly died at the hands of the Iraqis (or committed suicide). The Israelis have wanted Arafat dead for decades. Living in Germany, I know how long it took to capture most of the RAF terrorists. I've heard the Arabic news reports (several students keep me up to date on what is being reported on al-Jazeera (sp? Is there any common consensus on how to spell Khadafi?)
If, indeed, bin Laden was captured months ago, I doubt that everybody involved would have been able to keep their mouths shut. IMO, this falls into the category of "Look what we're doing for national security!" My reaction: "About as much as you have done for international peace!"
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Well I guess we'll see! Hubby doesn't watch al Jazeera though (Also called Arabic CNN). He watches Abu Dhabi (MBC), Kuwaiti news and the Egyptian news. And like I said... so many times in the last two years I've heard stuff on Arabic news channels sometimes months before we heard it. So no, I don't think it's a bit much! Sorry. And I believe the government can and does keep their mouths shut many times! I've experienced it! How many reporters are embedded with American and Pakistani troops in Afghanistan? I don't think any. Because if they were, then they wouldn't be able to keep their mouths shut!

No, there is no consensus on how to spell Khadafi. In fact there isn't any consensus on spelling most Arabic words and /or names (Khadafi is an arabic word). The alphabet and sounds are for the most part, so different that there isn't an exact science on translation from Arabic to English unfortunately! I found that out in the 1 1/2 years I took Arabic at the college here!
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My first thought is they wouldn't cover up having him...then I remember who would have thought Nixon was as crazy and full of conspiracy as he was? I mean if they caught him NOW for instance, the impact would wear off by election time. Where as let's say Bush has some awful showings in debates, and his numbers are getting lower, and THEN they say HEY we got him! The jubliation and the shots of military saying how thilled they are, and their work has been for naught...might carry his election. Nothing surprises me anymore.
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