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Peaches needs a home by next Wednesday!!!

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Peaches needs to be out of our spare room by next Wednesday. She has been living in the room for 5 months now and it is not fair to keep her locked in the room all the time. Steven is threatening to take her to the shelter if she is not adopted and the local no kill shelter is full

If anyone near the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area knows anyone who wants to adopt a really sweet kitty, please let me know asap!

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OMG , I am so sorry to read this . I am to far away from you to take her . ((((((HUGS)))))) to you . I sure will say a prayer for a furever home for Peaches
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Would you like me to post a jpg and description of her on my index and my charity page with an email link to you? If so pm me (I think my inbox is cleaned up enough....)
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Oh no Why does she have to go?
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To make a long story short (I will post more when I get back from the store)...I found Peaches outdoors. She was declawed and spayed already. Her owners were nowhere to be found. I fed her on my my front porch for 9 months, then we moved to a new house. I didnt want to put her back outside so I put her into my spare room. Steven did not like this AT ALL. He said from the beginning we have too many cats as it is (although he loves our 4 cats alot and is really good to them). So now he says she has to be adopted out! and it is not fair for such a sweet kitty to live in the bedroom all alone in the first place.

I will post more later...
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I'm sorry Ginger! Have you placed any ad's online or in your local newspaper? What about friends that would take her in? What about Vets in your town? Sometimes they'll let you put up flyers in their offices or maybe they know someone who would want to adopt her?

Hope that might help you! I wish I could take her....but I can't. She's just so adorable!
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Awwwwww Ginger i hope someone falls in love with her soon
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Aw Ginger, I'm so sorry for you. I know someone will fall in love with her and she will find her fur ever home! I wish she would have gotten along with your other cats, then maybe this wouldn't have to happen.. I'd love to take her but I'm just to far and honey really wouldn't want another one,(even though I'd love her to bits!)
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