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Bed Surfing...

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Hello Everyone,

I am glad that I stumbled across this site...I sure could use some help...

I rescued a cat from the pound about 5 years ago...I decided that I wanted to save an older cat than to take a kitten...He was already a year old when I took him home...His family split up and no one wanted him anymore...

He has been a great addition to my life...His name is Baby...He seemed to like that name better than Silly Willy (his first name)...

Anyway, I have since gotten married and Baby really likes to sleep on the bed...Well he keeps both of us up all night climbing around on the covers...We have tried taking him off of the bed several times...Now we have been trying to lift the covers gently to flop him off, but he has learned to ride the covers like waves...Needless to say, we are not getting much sleep with this new game...I need some help on what can be done to keep him off the bed at night...

If we lock him out of the bedroom, he will beat on the door and mew so loud and so long that we are up again...

Baby accidentally got caught in our office one night and we slept like we were dead...Is it wrong to lock a cat up for the night in a separate room, or will he get upset???

Any help is well appreciated...

Thank you all in advance,

Jesse James
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How about keeping your door shut and ignoring him when he scratches and howls. He'll have to quit eventually. I have the same problem except that I have 3 other cats and the trouble causer goes after them so it's better, in a way, to have him with me so I'll know where he is and what he's doing. I am exhausted, however. Good luck.
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Invest in a really tall and sturdy cat condo and put that in your bedroom, an alternate place for him to sleep. Put it by a window if you can. So he climbs on the bed, and walks around all night? Sounds like he just isn't used to the new person in his life, and over time he will adjust. If you start giving him surfboard rides, he is probably going to enjoy it and think it is a game. Try and feed him a big bowl of wet canned food right before your head hits the pillow at night (nuke the food about 4 seconds) he should sleep through the night after that.
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When i go to work i have to put Rosie in the spare room because of the alarm system. She's been used to it from being a kitten, but she always has plenty of toys in the room to play with.

He will adjust as Hissy said.
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I've tried the warm wet food at night but nothing works on Big Gray. I also have a couple of cat climbing furniture pieces by windows which don't help for long. Big Gray gets restless eventually and wanders around making noise or going after my other cats. I sometimes put him in a nicely set up room but can hear him scratching at the door. He was a feral all his life, I think, and gets restless at night. I'm going to have to accept him as is and cope. Like kids, that's just the way he is and has many other fine qualities. Sleeping at night just isn't one of them.
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Summer also does this....we can never sleep. No matter what we do, she still does it! We play with her before we go to bed (which she does)and we got her a cat tree and put it near the window...she loves it, and although she doesn't sleep in the bed too much with us (b/f moves around too much) she still wakes us up....guess you get used to it after awhile.
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Yeah, I had the same problem but I learned to ignore cats romping on the bed and now only wake up if they come running, jump and land directly on me then that wakes me up! Pepper has learned how to wake me up in the morning by shoving her face in my face and tickling me with her whiskers. Otherwise, I sleep thru the nite. I think I got my body trained to ignore my 4 cats moving around me..
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Thank you for the great ideas...
We are going to try to work with Baby and see what he likes the best...We are going to get him a cat tree ASAP...He just loves looking out the windows...

Thanks again for all of the ideas...

Jesse James
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Because of the alarm, and the fact that my parents dont want their possessions destroyed Miik spends her days while no one is around and the evenings when everyone is sleeping in our laundry room.

She has been doing this since the day she was brought home. She has her litter, food, bed, toys and items to climb on in this room. During the day the light is always on for her, and during the evening the lights stay off, but a night light gives her enough light that she can still play/move around.

We are able to sleep just fine, but as soon as she hears me put one foot on the floor at 6:00am, she is a meowin to get out and say hi!
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If he's trying to get under the blankets like that he might be cold. I bet if you got him a heated cat bad (even if it's not b/c he's cold) he would want to sleep there!

My cat wakes me up once in a while from jumping around. He used to jump on my head, then I got him to stop, then he started again and he scratched the heck out of my face one time so I got a new bed that didn't make it so easy for him to jump on my head. He still does once in a while. Last night he jumped on my face really hard. If he had his claws out it'd have hurt reaaaaally badly.

Don't feel bad if you want to keep him out of your bedroom. He will get used to it. Just make sure he has a comfy alternative to your bed.
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