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Newbie + Angel and BB

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Hi Everyone!! I am new to this site - so far I love it. I have just adopted 2 cats from a no-kill shelter (Angel and Black Beauty, BB for short). I have only had them a week and am so in love with them already!! I have had cats since I was a kid, these are actually my 4th & 5th cats (the others are living with my parents, couldnt seperate them from the family dog!) but this is the first time that I have adopted cats that were not kittens and came from a shelter. My biggest fear right now is that they will not get over their fear or come out from hiding. BB comes around and will sleep anywhere but will not let anyone go near her but Angel hides under the bed and only comes out to eat or use the litterbox. I don't want these poor babies being afraid all the time. I want them to know they are safe. I know they need time, but any suggestions? Angel is almost 3 yrs. and BB is 18 months. They have never had a family and never lived anywhere other than in a shelter.
Thanks for any input - cant wait to become involved in the site!
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Hi Megs! I'm new to this site too!

It's so nice you adopted older cats, as it seems so many want kittens. I adopted my cat Candy from a shelter when she was 7-8 mos old right after she was spayed and had her hernia repaired. I was told she and her litter mate were abandoned, (probably why she always wants to eat) but she was only in the shelter 1.5 mos. After 3 days of hiding under the bed and sleeping, she came out and was very friendly and playful. Your Angel and BB have only known a shelter. Imagine how scared they must be (even though your home is better than the shelter). And even though they came from the same shelter, they probably don't even know each other! Cats are so easily stressed and will probably take them a while to get used to you. I'm not sure my suggestions will help, but here goes: If they're under the bed, just spend time not too close to them, with you sitting, and just talk softly to them. Don't let them feel threatened in any way, and don't force anything. Maybe some soft music, too. After maybe a week of this, try feeding them human meat-based baby food as a treat (my cat loves Gerbers chicken, ham, and eats off a spoon). But only get the ones made with ham (chicken), water and cornstarch. My vet said it was okay. Just sit a jar of it on the floor, maybe they'll come out for it. Food can be a great icebreaker. Leave some toys out for them. After a while, see if they'll interact with you. My Candy loves a rope-like string that she took off my sweatshirt. I tied a small fuzzy mouse to it and she goes crazy for it. I think eventually they'll come out, just have patience. I also think their litterboxes and food should be in separate rooms away from any commotion. And a checkup from the vet is a good idea, to make sure they're healthy, whenever you can get to them. Take them together to the vet, so they return home with the same smell on them.

Hope this helps,

Jill and Candy
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A week is not enough time for them to adjust to this upheaval of their world. Remember they are used to being in a cage, and now having a whole house or apartment to roam in is very overwhelming. They have new sounds, sights, and smells to adjust to. The quickest way, if they have been seen by a vet and you know they are healthy- the quickest way to get them to relax around you is to just ignore them and not expect anything out of them. Once they feel that pressure off, they will relax and they will come out and be cats for you.

Thank you for saving both of them. Just have patience and it will happen.
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