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New Rug!

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Jeepers has commandeered our new rug! It's cream and made of wool and is now her most favourite place to sleep. I had to take a couple of pics of her posing!!!
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And Another
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and the last one.....
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Looks like is isn't your rug anymore.
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This is centerfold material! LOL
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She is a beauty .
I agree with Creepyowl , it sure don't look like your rug anymore LOL
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heheheh - that is what happend to my $800 chaise - gues who comandiered it LOKI!!!!
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And it looks like Jeepers has claimed the WHOLE thing as hers too! What a cutie!
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Originally posted by hissy
This is centerfold material! LOL
Well put Hissy! That is just what I was thinking!

Jeepers is beautiful!
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Yep.... looks like Jeepers got a new rug!
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She definitely looks veeeery comfy there
Whadda ya mean, you DIDN'T buy it just for her?
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Looks so comfy.... can i share it with jeepers?
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Jeepers is so cute. Definately Centerfold material
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Very cute pictures Jeepers is adorable!
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Your new rug? You've got to be joking, It's Jeepers. She looks so comfy, makes me wanna snuggle up next to her!
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Jeepers is Beautiful! She sure loves to pose for the camera, doesn't she! I bet she could make a fortune posing for a fancy rug company advertisement!
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Awwww Rhian, jeepers looks so relaxed!. What a gorgeous colour she is.
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what a sweetie
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Shes beautiful!!
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