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Computer Virus  

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Look out for someone named LaZahn...(please read all the way through) there was a big discussion a few nites ago; basically an almost all out verbal war because of her views and news regarding Proctor & Gamble. I posted a response to her that basically stated that there were probably a lot more people that have seen this thread, more so than the she realized and perhaps will never use Proctor & Gamble products ever again.

The long and the short of it is is that this lady emailed me and thanked me for helping her out. I emailed her back telling her it was no problem I hope that wouldn't stop her from posting.

I received an email attachment from her yesterday and there was a message...this message was written by someone that wasn't very schooled. I think anyone can recognize this if they have any clue of the English language and how grammer operates. Her style of writing was nothing like that of what she had written me before. I wrote her back stating that I couldn't download any email; I told her if the image was embedded it'll just open on it's own without me having to save it to disk...she sent it again the same way :confused3 Then,when I didn't open it, I never heard from her again. The file was kitty.jpg

I just received my computer back from being in the shop because of a virus, this was sent by a friend (or so the address had stated)..now, I trust this person and opened the email; no big deal, right? Wrong!....it said "corrupted file" for some reason, I knew right away something was wrong (good ol woman's instinct for ya). I emailed her back and said...Jamie, there's something going on with your email you just sent me...she said "I never sent you any email!" After I destroyed the file, another file was sent!

So, I knew right away, there was a trojan or worm of some kind attacking through emails...UNREAL...so, just be careful...even though you know someone, make sure your antivirus is up to date, mine was not. This was a new virus called Trans Bad...so...there ya go...Just be careful. I'm not saying this lady was the culprit. I know my friend was not, I'm just stating it comes and attaches itself through others emails and directs itself on to recently sent mail or the address book on your computer.

I've also learned that if you have comet cursor or some type of web accelerator, this is a big opening for viruses to hit. That's what the tech told me. I just thought I'd pass this along.

I'm happy to say that my computer's running even better than it did when I bought it...I'm definitely keepin' this tech.
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Scary. I guess I better look into getting an up-to-date virus checker. I don't know what I'd do if my computer was down for the count. Thanks for the warning.
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My son who is a network administrator sent me this address in case anyone needs to know more about this virus that Catarina was talking about......

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By the way, thanks Meme...your son was a great help that day! I looked at the instructions to rid the computer of it and I immediately sent it to the shop :laughing2 :laughing2 :LOL::LOL:

Trust me, I saw that and said "no way!" Some things I don't mind getting into, but not when it gets that detailed...I'd wind up messing it up even more! :LOL: I hope you and he both know that I am very grateful that he took the time out of his day for me though... Email me and let me know how you're doing

Love, & Peace
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Hey Cat..... Meant to tell you in the last message that I am glad that you have the computer fixed but plum forgot to add that at the end of the message. Senior Moment???

And I am sure that if son wouldn't live on the opposite side of the country from you that he would have been glad to help you out more!

Anyhow so glad you have it all fixed now!!!
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