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Why does my cat push his waterbowl over and then drink the from the floor and how do i stop him from doing this?
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My Loki does this too and I was never able to break him of this habit. From my experience you have 3 options:

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oooooooops sorry: Ok here are the options

- Put water bowl into the bathtub - so if he spill sit it's not all over your floor.
- Put water bowl in the sink - so if he spills it it's not all over the floor

- this is what I have opted for and it works for me - purchase a pet fountain - for some reason Loki leaves it alone.

Good Luck!!!
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I find that when I had a placemat under Miikka's water dish she was sharpening her claws on the mat and always upturning her water dish. She would cry and cry and cry until the situation was remedied.
I have taken away the dish and this has solved that situation.
I also use two bowls for her water. One is a double dish type made out of plastic. it is VERY hard for me to flip over, so I doubt she will be able to.
The other dish is a like a "guacamole bowl". Its pretty heavy but easier than the plastic dish to flip.
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