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Dh just said i can "try" bringing the kitty in!!!! Ok so now i'm scared...i can't get him right now as i'm busy but i'll try later. Questions..oh do i have questions!!

1.)I only have a cat carrier whats the best way to "trap" him?
2.)Fluffy and Socks are both fixed..will they spray still?
3.)Will he be ok in the small bathroom?
4.)How long do i need to keep him isolated?

I'm sooooo nervous!!
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Ok 13 views..someone can help right? Sorry mods i'm just very nervous and excited.
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Well, I can't help on a lot of your questions but there's one thing I can suggest-Feliway. It's an artificial version of cat pheromones that can be used to control unwanted behaviors and to reduce agression and anxiety. Plug-ins are available and you might want to get one, to stop any spraying before it stops.

I'm sure the people in the know will be along soon. Good luck to you!
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Hmmm...let me see.
1. It seems like you won't need to trap him as such as he's rubbing up against you and letting you pat him. See if he'll let you pick him up without a struggle. If not, you can quickly transfer him into the cat carrier.

2. I very much doubt that they'll start spraying if the introductions are done slowly and carefully. Is the boy neutered? If not, do that ASAP.

3. He will be OK in the small bathroom, especially if he is recovering from a neuter. Place his food and bedding as far away from the litter pan as possible. You may have to put dirt in the pan and gradually change it over to regular litter as he won't know what litter is. Outside dirt can carry bacteria so, if you can, buy a low-cost potting soil from a garden centre. Are you in the Northern Hemisphere? You need to keep the bathroom warm but not overly so. Visit with him many times during the day in the bathroom and have a set of clothes specifically for this so that if he is carrying anything like fleas, ringworm etc, it's not transferred to your other cats. Wash your hands well after petting him.

4. He will need to be kept isolated until he has a complete vet check and all his bloodwork comes back clear. Treat him for fleas and worms and make sure he is fully recovered from his neuter. For all this to happen, you'll probably have to keep him isolated for 7-10 days. After that, there are some great threads here on introducing a new cat to your current cats.
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Danielle - how exciting!!!

First thing, CALM DOWN!!! The little guy will notice that you are nervous and guaranteed won't cooperate (since he won't know that you are excited-nervous rather than scared-nervous).

For trapping, I would try to entice him in the carrier with food, then just close the door. Sounds easy, right? I would also tell him before anything that you want him to be a part of your family, that you want to take care of him, and let him know what's going on. (I know, it sounds kinda weird, but just read the thread in the Lounge, "They Understand, Don't They?")

Also, get a shirt of yours really good and sweaty, and leave that in the bathroom with him. He's already familiar with you and this will also help him really get used to your scent. He will probably be pretty scared, so putting him in a small area will actually be a good thing for him.

Good Luck!!!!!
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I can't get him fixed right away. The earliest would be the 19th when my dh gets paid. I know when i introduced Fluffy and Socks it went very smooth without isolation. I hate to keep him locked up so long especially since our bathroom is quite warm (we live on the 4th floor). Also when i took Socks for his first vet check they never did any bloodwork or anything,in fact she never even suggested it.
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You live on the fourth floor? So he doesn't come to your door, or does he?
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No he doesn't come to my door,i see him outside on a daily basis all hours. I've seen him hunting for food etc..
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Ok, well if I remember from your posts then, he has let you pet him, so he is friendly and not a full on scared stray. If you do this, you have to control your breathing and you have to calm down, because in order to make a successful snatch and grab without scaring him or getting bit or scratched you need to keep your cool. If he senses any type of excitement or anxiety off of you (he will smell it) he will scoot and you won't see him for days.

There are several ways you might be able to capture him:

If you have loose catnip, I would lace some canned cat food in a dish , take your carrier downstairs and put the carrier nearby, but not to close. If you can, sit or kneel down on the ground to make you less of a threat and offer it to him. If he comes over, and he allows you to pet him, pet him while he's eating then slowly grab the scruff of his neck, scoop him up (not very high though keep him low to the ground) and place him in the carrier. He is going to be upset, ticked off, anxious, his claws will be splayed and he will try and use his claws to not go in the carrier. You will have to lower him in the carrier, have it sitting upright. He's going to be hissing and scared, and really only someone who has done this a number of times can pull it off without getting bit or scratched, and without hurting the cat. The only other option would be to put the food inside the carrier, have some sort of string/small rope tied to the door, and swing the door shut when he is inside, then rush over quickly before he escapes to lock the door of the carrier, keeping the tension on the string so he can't (again not easy to do, but do-able). A much better option would be to rent a hav-a-heart trap and just trap him them go down immediately once he is inside and bring him upstairs, that would be the best and safest way to get him.
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Hi Danielle,

Ditto on all the calming vibe that Hissy is recommending, from me! Also, yeah, we all are familiar with the "oooooh, he's such a sweetie and I just CAN'T leave him in that teensy hot room any longer" feeling

Be firm with yourself. Remember that a mistake in rushing things NOW might spoil everything for this creature, and for you, further down the line. Don't weaken and think you should just let him bounce around the whole apartment right away. Trust us who have socialized a few more cats: keeping him in that small, warm room, is the way to go. (BTW, cats really LIKE warmth -- their body temperature is higher than people's). Nothing says that YOU can't visit him plenty while he is in there, so long as you are calm and quiet about it, and you watch your entrances and exits (so he doesn't bolt out the door).

He will have his whole LIFE to wander through the place with you and your other pets. Give him a few days, to feel more at home in an indoor space, please!
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Ok thanks for the advice guys. I have a appointment in about a hour then i'll come back and keep a close eye out for him. I may be better to wait until evening though as the road gets clogged up by kids after school and he may freak a bit. Anyhow i'll lyk if i get him tonite.
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THose who read about Socks falling tonite,well the lady who helped me find Socks described the "stray" to a T its her cat!! So at least he has a home
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Hi Danielle! This is exciting! A couple of things to remember:

When you take him to the vet, make sure they run tests for FeLV (Feline Leukemia) and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). He should be vaccinated, and they MUST conduct a fecal smear to check for parasites. Full bloodwork should be done like a regular vet checkup. If he has any parasites you'll need medication - same for any external parasites for which he should be checked. He should be neutered ASAP.

I hope the reading of Lucky's Socialization thread (one of the red stickies) and hissy's article on how to introduce cats is helpful. Obviously, go at a rate that works for him and your kitties.

The Feliway plug-ins or spray really helps!

Of course feel free to ask any questions that come up along the way, and good luck crating your new kitty!

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