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Vet visit results

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Sam has gained one more pound, which means he has gained one pound a year. And given the stress he has been under lately, that's not bad, although I will be monitoring his food a little more closely. And we did a blood panel, which came back completely normal. And I am glad we did that, for base levels. The vet said it was a good idea.

Bailey has a bacterial infection, he chin is all inflamed, and her gums, and her lymph glands swollen. I am so upset. She's on a 10 day course of Clamavox. I have no idea if this will be hard to kick. She is a bit lethargic, but still eating and drinking. I tried giving her drops directly, and she did ok. I put some on her food, and she was suspicious, but still ate it. After a bit of encouragement. I am thinking of getting a tin of tuna, to use that for the meds.

So, are these systemic bacterial things difficult to get rid of? Is there anything else I should ask my vet?
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We just finished a 10 day course of clavamox on 8 cats. We had to because some had an upper respiratory thing, so we had to give it to all just in case. I didn't know they used it for that as well? I am glad the blood panel was normal, that is great news. I have no experience with the bacterial infections so I can't offer much help. It sounds like you got the drops? We used pills, we had to split them in 4 and then stick it in can food, tuna, and salmon! Boy am I glad that is over with!
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Yup, we got the drops. I think that I got most into the cat the first time I tried. When I tried to give Sam some drops a couple of years ago, it was such a battle, ending up with a cat frothing at the mouth and growling at me from under the bed, I was a bit worried. Bailey is much more tolerant.

edited to add:
I just gave her a tiny bit of tuna, warmed up, with the clamavox mixed in, and she licked up every drop. So I am very relieved.
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