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The unperdictable group

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Today, as I look out at our feral. freeroamer, stray cat colony, I am both sad and happy. I am happy that we have helped and enriched the lives of these animals. I am proud of all the vets, and clinics and others who have helped us over the years, I am gratful that we have been able to find homes for so many of our friends. But I am sad. I wonder what happend to the first of our ferals, Freak, Fluffers, and a few others who never came back to us. I know we take a chance by loving these animals, becomming attached. I know we have to be ready to let go, watch them walk away, but had I known it would be the last time... Our colony got larger after they left, strange, we lose two, gain four. But I remeber them as the first, they had just gotten to the point where we could get near them, close enough to touch, but we didn't dare, not to scare them away... I miss the firsts as I call them. We only have few left of the original nine, but we hve many more furbabies now. This does not deminish my feelings of forelorn for those few we could not help save. It helps that these few were the start of it all, Our little colony of nine, now twenty, that helps alittle.
Sorry for rambling, just a hard day.
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Been there done it, for me I would rather know how or if they met their end, rather than wonder about it. But it is part of the job, and you give them the best you have to offer, and by doing so, you increase their chances of surviving outside. If people would spay and neuter this problem would be receding, instead of expanding!
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I understand how you feel. I don't seem too have any ferals that come around here, but a few years ago, I fed 2 ferals at a park not far from me. It started out the same way. An ex-girlfriend and I spotted 3 kittens in this park and decided to feed them. We knew that someone had dumped them there or they were born there, because they would not let you get near them. To make a long story short, we eventually got them to trust us and a trip to this park almost every night was common. A couple years went buy, my girlfriend left, but I continued to feed these cats. It was down to 2, both females. One vanished at a very young age, but these 2 continued on for 5 years. There was another woman that would help me feed them and we even had them both spayed. Eventually, they no longer ate much food when I would stop by to feed them. They came by to great me, but didn't eat. They looked healthy too. I do believe they found a kind person who fed them from their home. There are homes that run along the side of this park and the cats would come from that direction when I stopped by. They used to come from another area in the park where there were no homes for miles. Then one day, they just quit showing up and my job was done. I still think about those 2 beautiful girls and what happened to them. In my mind, I like to think that they did find someone else to feed them, where there was better shelter to stay warm and dry in the winter. I really became attached to those 2, especially when my girlfriend at that time, had left. At least I know in my heart that they knew someone cared for them. Maybe their part in my life was complete too. Before they left, I met a beautiful lovely woman, who is now my wife. She got to see those 2 cats too, before they disappeared. Maybe they knew I was now happy and they could go on their way. Cats, you go to love them
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