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Tuesdays Thread

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I've worked like a little Trojan all morning at my desk, well,in between visiting the site!

I planted Rosies grass seed in a large tray at the weekend, but have to keep moving it away from her as she's grown fond of flicking the soil all over the place!!

It's nearly my little girls birthday. I've got her goldfish bowl, toys etc..so i just need her fish which i'll get at the weekend as the trains were on strike here last weekend.

If theres any Sex and the City fans(which i know there is). We only have two more episodes here before it's finished, and i read in a magazine at the weekend that you lucky people have now found out the 'real' name of Big.

Please put me out of my misery because i wont find out until the 19th!!!!

Have a great day
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Happy birthday Rosie! Bogart will be 13 this Saturday.

I'm a proud momma - Sam lifted his leg for the first time last night! I'm doing the proud-mom strut right now! WOO HOO!!
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Tuesday...hummmm...only Tuesday

Just one of those days that is just there...ya know!

I have been studying all day long for my educational psychology midterm tomorrow

Going to the rodeo tonight to see Alan Jackson! That's my highlight for the day!!

And...I am still searching for a dress for my mom's wedding...

Have a good one!
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Blah. Is it time to go home yet? 3 more hours???? NNNNOOOOO!!!!

OK, I feel better now. It is SO nice outside, we're supposed to get into the 70s today! Clear blue Colorado sky. I'm telling you, I really don't want to be stuck in the office today! Besides that, I have no real projects to do and I'm here for 10 hours today.

Susan, Rosie is just the luckiest little girl to have a Mommy like you!

Amy, wow, that's a lot to be proud of! How is the other boy doing. Is his name Spike? Sorry, I can't remember! But I have been wondering about him after his accident and emergency trip to the vet...
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Today my cousin Laura got released out of the hospital so that was some excitement.

Big Boi still has a cold, I took him to the vet but they say they can't really do much cept wait it out. He's upset at being sick he hasn't left my bed.

Babygirl decided to remove everything from on top of my fridge at 3am this morning which I didn't notice but my neighbor did by hitting the ceiling with a broom!

I might have a job with the telephone company out here I'm sooo Excited but I don't want to get my hopes up. Hopefully I can get it.

Good luck on ur midterm Caprice, congrats mommie, happy early bday rosie, and I'd put u out of ur misery but then u'd be mad when u saw it lol have a good day everyone
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Today is my second day off. My days off rotate so I work 4 on then 2 off.

Here is a dress I'm getting tomorrow, but I don't like the shoes that are suggested for it... any of you guys got a better suggestion?

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Originally posted by valanhb
I have been wondering about him after his accident and emergency trip to the vet...
Thanks for asking. Spike is getting better very slowly, but still getting better. Cool weather - will you send some my way?

Good luck dress shopping caprice! Kym give scritches to BigBoi.
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Worked all day and then came home only to find (with true distain) that my pants are all tight.. Now I know that I need to loose a few pounds(many actually) and we are trying to eat better so I can, but it's pretty depressing to find that your "fat" clothes(I never threw them away when I lost weight the first time, so they are my "fat" clothes now) are to small ya know? I think I need a serious look at what goes into my mouth all day at work!
Hope everyones day is a little better then mine.
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Well it's Wednesday for me....it's almost 11AM.

Had the morning shift off but I'm due at work in an hour...procrastinating about getting ready. My brain is dead....but will start gearing up properly for my final semester this weekend and do some real study. And that means less time to post. *sigh*

And just got told one flight has now been moved to a completely different day. Lord knows which one....more forms for me to fill out at work when I get there. I think it's another mini-training thing.

I've been there three months now and next week is my probationary report thing. I'm stressing out about it. I just hope I get told that I can stay.

And I'm usually not one to talk about shoes or go crazy over them. But I do like the shoe Tamme. But what sort of shoe are you after? What shoe wouldn't you wear?
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Originally posted by rosiemac
I've worked like a little Trojan all morning at my desk

Quit my job today. Yep only had it about 2 weeks, but with school and 25 hours a week, I was feeling a little stressed. Looking for a new job with less sandwich making involved.

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I'm chiming in, a bit late. Left work 1/2 hr early, with a migraine coming on. I figured that I'd better get home, while I could still drive.

After drugging myself into a pleasant fog, I was surprised by Mark showing up. He had a job interview, right around the corner. It was with the fourth-largest electrical contractor, in the country, with good pay and benefits. He starts on Monday. Mark has given up on the wildlands firefighting idea (thank goodness). I gave him the outfits, for the twins and he loves them.

Needless to say, I slept very well and should get through the day, pain-free.
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