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Reply delays

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I apologize for some delays in replying to some of the threads. I have just finished one public forum on animal abuse presentation and am instructing at a dogfighting investigations school today. Posts coming shortly. I am researching the spay/neuter law from NJ and have sent out several requests to get information on Puerto Rico animal issues. I haven't forgotten anyone.

Buried under the rubble....
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Try not to overly stress. I'm sure I'm not the only one who understands that you're extremely busy with your work.

*Picks up a pebble from the rubble pile and skips it across the surface of a lake*

Hey, if you peek out from that rubble, you might notice the lake!

Or it could be my imagination working overtime....
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What's the matter, Superman? Plate getting a little full? :LOL:
You had no idea how "needy" we cat lovers could be, did you?
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Hiya! I was about to send a search party for you! For a second it seemed as you had been eaten by cannibals on your trips searching for animal control laws.

Good luck.


Sitting on top of the rubble, sipping his wine.
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Rumors of my premature demise have been greatly exaggerated. This has been a busy week and we also spent the better part of monday rescuing a harp seal that made its way a couple miles up a drainage ditch to end up behind some apartments! Check it out on www.wavy.com I will be getting to the emails as soon as possible. - m
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Here everyonce in a while people find a seal who got lost and wondered here. They usually are sent to Canada or the states. But that's funny.

Glad everything's okay
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Well you're making it difficult for us to pick your brains! Though I'm not sure you prefer us vultures to the rubble you've been under....

Though we appreciate being informed, PLEASE don't worry about being busy with work! It happens to all of us. And since I haven't had the chance to get over here, I'm glad I didn't miss any replies quite frankly (very selfishly said!)
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