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Is there a reason?

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My cats have been getting into trouble a lot lately. What I mean by trouble is getting on counters, stealing my kids toys, pacifier, wallet size pictures, coupons, paper, pens, ect. They do this at night when I am sleeping. They know they should not do this. You ask how do they know? Well if I get up for some reason and they are doing what they should not be doing they stop and act innocent. They are not. I have tried the tape thing read my post under funny story in the lounge if you want a laugh. Why do they do this only when I am not around? Is they a reason or is it just one of those when mommy is away the cats will play things?

I also forgot to add my one female uses a rug I have in the kitchen to slide across the floor.
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I'm sorry, I just had to laugh, especially at the thought of your cat using the rug to slide across the floor.

Sorry, but I'm no help at all. But thanks for the laugh (again).
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It's ok I laugh too!! She really does do this.
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Yeah, I have a really good answer for you
They are siamese cats, I have not met one yet that is not a stealer,collector,lil' devil or mischevious. The only thing I can tell you is to guard small objects like they were diamonds and keep some sticky tape or citrus spray on the counters
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Sandie thank you for the advice. Citrus spray does not work. Is there another spray I can use?
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You can try buying the bitter apple or the natures miracle spray. You can try spraying the counters and making sure it stays damp. They will not like the wet on the paws, and then ohh goodness they wont like the taste when they lick it off.
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The taste might work but wet does not bother them as they play in the bath tub! I have backwords cats!
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I think I'd get a few camcorders and hide em where they can't see them to knock them over and video tape them forever!!!

That's priceless!

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From what I have read Siamese seem to be very active and mischievous cats. I think my Rocky must have lot of Siamese in him. He is into absolutly everything. He uses his paws like little hands sometimes to. Whatever I am doing he is right there nosing around. Also he is very long and slender but you can see the muscle under his coat. He is a talker too. Do you think he might have a close Siamese relative going from this description?
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Hi Elinor :daisy:

I couldn't help but to respond to your post when you were describing Rocky He has muscles, uses his paws like hands, long slender and talkative! He sounds so much like Opie. Opie's my orange tabby that is usually at my heals wherever I seem to go...I could rest assure that he's with me.

He's also very tall, I have never had a cat so tall and so long either. I wonder where that comes from?

I just thought I'd share that with you since they sounded so similar in structure and behaviour

Have a great weekend :daisy:

Love, Peace &
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Thanks for sharing that with me. Maybe your Opie has some Siamese in him as well. I tend to think Rocky has.

Sounds like you have your hands full too
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but!....I got a new kittie yesterday SOOOOOOOO, adorable, but what I have to tell you is he definitely has Siamese in him...his ears are HUGE, he has that kinda triangular face and he never shuts up! hahaha :laughing: Ya know those realy scratchy strange meows that comes from the Siamese cat? That's what he sounds like. His body is very petite. But, then again, Opie was like that and turned into a monster (in more ways than one) when he got to be about ten months old.

I just thought I'd tell ya, since we were on the subject yesterday. Also, the likelihood of getting a new kitten was "ZERO" :laughing: but, I feel blessed to have him.

Just thought I'd let'cha know

Take care :daisy:

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