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I saw the kitty tonite. I grabbed what was nearby (a can of Pounce ) and shook it. He came out right away and started eating. He let me pat him and he rubbed against my legs He is such a pretty cat he is a grayish,silverish tabby with a round face and he appears to be playful but skittish.
Anyhow my dh won't let me take him in He says that 3 cats is too many and that Socks and Fluffy would tear him apart. I'm very sad
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Please don't be sad. Just think of the impact your having and how happy you're making this baby by giving him this much needed love that he probably would never get otherwise! Does he have a name yet?
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No i haven'nt named him. I'd love to take him in. I seen him this morning already.
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Well tell your husband, if you do it the right way, the introductions to your crew can go well and no bloodshed will be seen. Keep working on hubby, he probably has a soft spot for ya!
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Ok, I'll share a secret - tears can help softy husbands! When we went to see Doug (our greyhound) at the rescue place, my husband said "we already have 3 dogs and don't need another". We got in the car to drive away and I started crying. The crying wasn't fake, I fell in love with Doug after 5 minutes with him and was heartbroke that we couldn't take him home. He looked at me, turned the car around and we brought him home that day.

Just a thought......
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Thanks guys. The kitty is still hanging around right now. I think his main concerns are:
1.)$$$ to feed him and etc.
2.)He has to be isolated at first and our only spot for that is our small bathroom. Won't he be unhappy in there?
3.)Fear that he will pee and scratch up the house.

I really think this kitty is beautiful! I mean he rubbed up against my legs!Isn't that a sign of ownership and trust?
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