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Kitten eye infection (I think)

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My cat just had kittens 3 wks ago and yesturday one of her kittens started having green discharge like the kind when we have a cold..
I am wondering if there is anything I can do because I am short on money and do not have a vet.. I asked a vet about it and as usual she said any discharge take her in.. I just can not afford to pay the price right now for her to tell me it will pass.. the kitten has been outside a couple of times. and well I think maybe she got dirt in her eye or something...

But it is only in one eye and the other kittens do not have it..

Is there a home remedie I can use to wash out the eye and treat the infection...
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The problems is that if it is an infection it could spread to the other eye and then to the other kittens. Not a good thing since they are now so vulnerable. Any decent Vet will arrange a payments plan for you - please give him another call and explain the situation.
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Hi cybmom13

Greeen or yellow, pus like discharges are the signs of a bacterial infection, which requires antibiotics..Clear discharges however may indicate a viral infection; which you can't cure..

You should find a way to take your kitty to a vet..
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If you cant afford your vet then you at least need to do some searching for a humane society or a low cost clinic. An eye infection in a cat the young or any cat can lead to blindness left untreated. While you are looking for low cost clinics, you can also ask about prices for spaying as well, these clinics do them at very good rates and it will prevent mom from having another litter of kittens.
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