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Frisky Kitty!  

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As with the sender of the "disturbing behaviour" post...I too am faced with a neutered cat who is practicing overtly sexual behaviour toward me. He is a wonderfully friendly and playful cat, yet with me (and not my two other female roomates) he often gets "excited" - rubbing himself on my arm, legs, on my bed, robe, pjs etc. He tracks all across my blankets and even sniffs my crotch! He's a lovely cat in every other way, but I'm not sure of what to do about his behaviour. I wanted a cat for a little companionship but I can't really have him near me at this point. Currently the vet at the shelter where I got him is checking him out again to make sure that he was actually neutered (he was a stray before living with a foster family for months).....does anyone know if this behaviour will go away? Or if there is something that I can do to solve this problem? He had no history of this behaviour at his foster home which even included a female cat who was in heat!
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Hi Zubiz,

I replied on that thread -

I'm closing this one to prevent double posting. Let's keep the subject rolling on one thread.
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