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Random Pictures from Today of my Girls...

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This afternoon my camera got a work out! Since it was such a beautiful day, I openned up the windows & let the spring air flow through out my apartment. Echo & Tiki were beside was the first time my windows have been open since I moved here & they enjoyed it so much. They were a little scared by the high gusts of wind, so they made sure they were plenty far away but close enough to enjoy the cool air. So, I couldn't resist taking a few dozen pictures of them basking in the sun. Most of the pictures are of Tiki...Echo was being a little camera shy today. I'll add more pictures of her soon.


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HEY!!! We can finally see Tiki's pretty eyes!!!

Looks like the girls enjoyed their fresh air!
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Shell those are the best Tiki photos I've seen yet!! Loved all of them actually, sounds like a great day for the kitties!
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Awww! Thanks!
It's amazing what natural sunlight can do for pictures. Usually Tiki shuts her eyes when I take pic's because of the flash...well, today I tricked her!

I was shocked at how blue her eyes turned out in the photos. Her one eye still has a little spot from her infection, but it's slowly getting better. The Vet said it could take months for the spot to go away completely. Her other eye is so bright & vibrant colored.

Thanks again Guys!
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Awww, beautiful cats!
I love the close up one, with those pretty eyes.
A little sunshine really can do a lot!
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Neat pics, Shell!
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Cute photos Shell! I think those may be the best of Tiki since you got that new camera.
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Shell their gorgeous!!, and what piercing blue eyes Tiki has.
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Thanks Guys! My poor camera it's been through hell & back with all the pictures I've taken with it. I've only had it a few months & I've taken a few hundred pictures with it. As you can tell, I'm quite happy with it & it seems like it's always in my hand!

Thanks again everyone! And Miss Tiki thanks you too!
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Aww I Tiki! Very nice pictures! Even the ones of Echo from behind!
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Aww, Tiki . I cant get over how much Frosta looks like her, only Frosta has a long nose instead of a cute scrunched one and not as much fur, and Echo is so cute.
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Wow...Frosta & Tiki do look a like except for their lil noses! Is she a Himmie too? I just love that Himmie/Persian attitude. I swear they live by the motto "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"!
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"I swear they live by the motto "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"!"

That's Frosta for sure. LOL.

Actually, her mom was a stray that got pregnant before we could trap her and get fixed so i don't know what she is. Oh well, we love her thats the main thing.
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Hey! they are the best pics we've seen of Tiki, I love her little face she's such a cutie. Echo looks so cute as well! thanks for the late night smiles.
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Great pics! My favourite one is the one where Tiki looks like she's yawning.
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You have a nice looking family of cats........
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Great pictures Shell. Your girls are beautiful
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Tiki is so beautiful. I lover her beautiful blue eyes and her smooshy face.
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