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The Death of my DigiCam

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So I was out on one of my bad spending binges and decided to get Toby a new toy. It was only $15 and that's a good thing, because it only amused him for about....oh.....five minutes. Each subsiquent time I turn it on his amusement lasts about one minute.

Here he is doing his initial circle around.

The plastic butterflies inside kinda swirl around. One or two inevitably get stuck on the bottom. It's rather loud. He took a bat or two at it. It had a weighted bottom so it's like a weeble wobble. I can't say I recommend this toy.

This is my other baby Howard, from the same photosession. He didn't even look at the jar. He's too obsessed with getting pettings.

I think this is a fake plant. He's a naughty boy, regardless.

I think this one speaks for itself.

And those are the last pictures from my digital camera before it died. I mailed it off to Kodak today to be fixed so it will be a few weeks I suppose.
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Lynx - what brand of camera do you have? If it's digital, how many megapixels? I only ask because the pictures seem very sharp. You have a very pretty cat too.
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Toby looks like he keeps thing rockin'! LOL Howard just looks like a love bug. Beautiful boys!
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Your boys are very cute!!! I especially like the close up.

I think I've seen that toy somewhere before...
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Aww cute pics! I love Howards little freckles
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They're beautiful.

The one of Howard hogging the camera for a petting is cute.
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I think I am glad that the toy I ordered like that never arrived. It looked good on paper- but I guess in application it didn't work out.

Beautiful cat!
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What handsome boys you have, and gorgeous markings!!

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Charlotte, I have a Kodak Easyshare camera. It's 2.0 megapixels. I really hope they fix it. They say that if there is any evidence of being immersed in liquid or being dropped then they will charge you for the repair. Well I had a little accident. I came home one day and a bottle of nailpolish remover was knocked over and the camera was sitting in the puddle. It didn't effect the operation of the camera, but the plastic on the bottom is kinda chewed up/melted a bit.

Yes...Toby keeps things rockin'...He drives my family crazy but we all love him to death. He definitly has the most original personality of any cat I've owned. Right now he's kind of mad at me. I took him to the vet to get his nails trimmed. He kind of goes in to a sort of paralysed shock while he's there so it's a lot easier for the vet to trim them than it is for me. Then just for fun I got the vet to throw in some vaccinations. Oh and the vet told me he's getting kinda fat. So no more Fancy Feasts!

Hissy, ya when I was looking at the box I thought it looked like a fun toy. Once I pulled it out of the box I had a moment where I wondered what I was thinking. It might be more fun in a house with a lot of curious cats.
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I hope you get your camera fixed.

Toby is so cute and Howard, I just want to kiss his little nose.
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I hope the camera doesn't stay out of action for too long. Great pictures!!!
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Lynx, your Toby looks so much like my Simba it isn't funny. I do have a feeling your boy is bigger than mine, though. Simba will be a year old on April 24th, and he's pretty small.

Is your boy into everything? Simba is such a sweet kitty, but he is into any and everything.
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Love that pic of Howard.
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You have the same camera as me!

Howard is so cute, do you just have him & Toby?
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I also use that same camera (Kodak CX6230). Keep us posted on what they say about it - it'll be interesting to know how they are on warranty service.

Should you end up having to do a replacement, this model is commonly available on eBay for just under $100 US - somewhat cheaper than Wal-Mart's price of $148. Kodak is also right now in the midst of the annual model change, among which they are introducing a new 3.1 Megapixel zoom model (equivalent of the current CX6330) at $129 retail.
While I'm here at a spot with a concentration of Kodak users, let me also mention that I operate an online User's Group on Yahoo specifically for the Kodak CX6230 and its immediate cousins (CX6200, CX6230, CX6330, CX6340, etc.)

I launched this a few months ago, but am the only member so far. Being on the bottom of a LONG search list, it just doesn't get noticed by the Yahoo regulars.

It is intended as a place to discuss issues specific to these models, without the confusion of a general group. Members can also upload pictures to personal Albums for all to see - with 30MB of storage being available for this (as a group total). That's room for a LOT of Cat pics!

That's the "Kodak CX6230 Users Group" on Yahoo Groups.


If any of you are using Minolta cameras, I also manage the large "Mind Of Minolta" group on Yahoo, which has been around since 1998.

I'm also just a mere member of several others. There is a group on Yahoo for whatever camera you have.
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Wellington, it's not just the two boys. Howard is the family kitty, Toby is my boy and my sister just moved back home with her girl Sasha.


Last time I weighed him Toby weighed 13 pounds. I think he's a bit chunkier now. I've told my mother to lay off on giving him wet food. (She can't resist his mews). He's 18 months now. I thought he was pretty small for a long time, mostly because our other cats are quite large. I think that he kept growing well past the one year mark.

He is most definitly in to everything. He has settled down a lot since kittenhood (especially with the meowing). He startles very easy (loud noises, quick movements) and could almost be called skittish. 9 time out of 10 he wont let anyone touch him. He'll kind of step back and sniff you instead. But this is counterbalanced by his exteme curiosity and intelligence. He needs to investigate everything and everyone! I was pretty scared when I moved back home with my family. I thought they wouldn't be able to handle his behaviour. But now they have all fallen for his charms!
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