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A funny story

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I thought this was so funny I had to share it with you guys. I have been having trouble with my cats stealing thing and getting on the counter. I read a few post about cats getting on counters. It said to use Sticky Paws to keep them off. Well I did not have any and it was 3 in the morning and I was not getting any sleep. My cats kept getting on the counter an knocking things down. So I had some regular tape. I put it all the way across the counter and well my male decided to get up there I did not know I had fallen asleep. My female is the one who usually does this. Any way I came out in the morning to find my male cat covered in tape I laughed so hard! He was not hurt it was just funny. He looked up at me as if to say can you get this off of me? I had to share this I found it funny I hope you do too.
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Caught red handed! I bet he won't do that again for a while. Thanks for the laugh!
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What a sight to wake up to!! I'm sure I'd have laughed too! I can just imagine it...Im chuckling away to the thought of it right now!! :laughing:
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Hi Bodlover :angel2:
Ahhhhh....I see he was taught a very big lesson last nite! :laughing2...that's funny...poor little guy didn't know what to think about that, did he? :laughing:

Thanks for the morning laugh! :laughing2

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It's too bad you didn't have your camara handy like Swalkers grandmother! that would have made an interesting picture :laughing:
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LOL! That was a good one!

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I didn't think of a camera at first because he looked so pitiful sitting there covered in tape.
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