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Stupid Snowstorm!!!!!!!!

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We're having really strange weather here in Minnesota. The meterologists were predicting flurries for today, but we got a snowstorm with white-out conditions that no one was expecting instead. The meterologists were calling this a freak snowstorm, and it caused over 100 accidents in the Twin Cities, including a 20 car pile-up on an interstate highway. http://www.twincities.com/mld/twincities/8135270.htm It was so bad that the local TV stations interepted regular programming to show live coverage of all the accidents and traffic jams. My town is about 50 miles south of the cities and we got the storm here too. Two hours after the snow storm started, it was over and the sun came out and started melting the snow. A lot of it is already gone.

Let's see...last Thursday night we had a snowstorm, Saturday night it rained, we had another snowstorm today...and they're predicting snow (again) for Wednesday. (YUCK!!!!!! ) I hope everyone else is enjoying better weather.
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It is so wonderfully warm here right now. Just got in from harrowing the garden (had to do something with all that horse manure!) Rain is predicted for tomorrow, but we have our burn pile going and some of the yard work completed. Sorry to hear you are getting slammed with snow. Stay safe on the roads!
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Oh Laurie, Stay safe. Sorry to hear about your weather problems. It's rather overcast here today but thank goodness it's not raining.
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Hi Lori! I'm from Winona, MN, and its been snowing here all all day too, so IM very sympathetic to your plight! Rain yesterday, snow the day before that, snow now. although, I can finally make that snowman Ive wanted to all winterlong ...Yup, it definately March!
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Welcome to TCS! I live in one of the little towns near Rochester, so you're not too far away.
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Lorie, I'm sorry to hear about how crappy it is up there. I'm just glad that it didn't hit Nebraska....I'm so darn sick of snow! I don't mean to rub it in, but today was gorgeous! The weather man said that today was the warmest day here since November...65 degrees! I'd be tickled pink if it would stay like this all here round, don't ya agree Lorie?

Ok...I'm finished rubbing salt in the wound! LOL!

Stay safe out there & I'm sending warming vibes your way!
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More salt: it was 88 and sunny, here. No jacket, just a tank top and cotton shirt. It is 7 p.m. and we still have the doors open.
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Oh no!!! Now I'm jealous!!!!
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I'm not even gonna mention that it's still Summer where I am and we don't even get Winter, Autumn perhaps but not Winter.

I am sorry to hear that you're getting freak weather conditions. After two years of no cyclones, (hurricanes), we've had two cyclones go past us in two weeks so we've had plenty of rain.
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I think we are finally done with the -40'C weather and snow that we frequently have in Calgary 8 months of the year... Today was an awesome 15'C.
Still lots of snow to melt, but we are making progress! Although it has been known to have a freak snowstorm into April, May or even June.

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