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Monday Daily Thread =)

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Hi Guys!

Happy Monday or Tuesday to you guys!

I'm at home sick today, got a sore head and a stuffy nose. I also have alot of itchy bites on my legs, very sore. Mums at home sick as well because she has a stomach virus and her partner(Tom) has been in hospital the past few days because of heart pain. However we should all be back on track tomorrow. We had no college yesterday because of Teachers only day. So I'm just having a nice relaxful day, still deciding what I'm going to do for my birthday (the 23rd) Hope everyones having a nice day!

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Spent all afternoon talking to my sister on MSN. We were talking about school days and she mentioned a boy who was my other sister's boyfriend in primary school and that he was famous in NZ now as a singer by the name of Scribe (hip hop singer) and we were laughing about it - I was in his older brother's class and that older brother used to call himself Fonzie When I knew this singer as a kid, he was a brat, always getting into trouble - not the bad kind, he was one of those mischievous kids. We also found some pics of my parents and my sister online when they were kids!! LOLOLOL!

Funny how things happen when you get older.

Will go now to figure
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Well, I went for a walk (Were having gorgeous weather it was plus 8 celcius. Whoo Hoo Spring is coming), sat with the out side cats, cleaned my room and closet (it was a disaster zone) and did my taxes, I paid almost a thousand dollars and get less then a hundred of it back. AGGGHHHH.
Well, that was my Monday, my Tuesday will be better, I'm going shopping. My second favorite pasttime.

Hope everyone else had a good Monday.
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OMG Kellye- Scribe- I love him!!

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Hey, Sam, your b'day is the same day as Mark's. He's going to be 26 and he's my BABY! Boy, do I feel old!

Work was pretty light today - no bad calls and they didn't come in fast and furious.

The high was 88 and, for once, I didn't have ibuprofen for breakfast. Two days of warm weather, though and Buddy is hocking hairballs. He got a nice, big glob of hairball medicine, for dessert.

Bill is feeling much better, too. He has to work outside and cold, wet weather is really rough on him.

I found the coolest car, this past weekend. Spotted it, on my way to work, Saturday and went to take a look at it, yesterday. It is a '71 Mustang Mach I and appears to be in really good condition. The lot wasn't open and I want Bill to check the engine but, if it isn't too dear, I may dump the Stratus. I ran it through a classic car price guide and, depending upon how it runs, I think that I can swing it. The body is straight and the paint is medium aqua. It needs a bit of interior work and it has an after-market stereo, automatic trans and 351 V-8. Wonder how Fizzy and Izzy will like a hot-roddin' grandma?
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Had to go to the doctors in Iowa City today. They changed my headache medication AGAIN! I do hope this time it will work and my headaches will stop!( I have one everyday!) They drew blood to check my Tegretol levels(for my seizures) so if anything goes wrong with the change in medications(from Doxipan to Topomax) they can find out where they can start from again.
Then we went to Coral Ville mall and spent money!!!!I did so love that part! On the way home, it started to SNOW! they are calling for up to an inch tomorrow! I wish it'd stop so spring can finally come! a few days ago it was warm enough for us to open the doors for a little while so the cabin fevered cats could go and sit on the porch and watch the world and now it's snowing again! ARGH! I wish summer would come darnit!
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Hi everyone. Long time no post Finally the boys are getting somewhat better. No one has had a fever in almost a week! We decided to keep Ron out of kinder garden until next year, when Dan is a bit older and stronger.

Yesterday we went on a road trip to the upper Galilee. Hubby had to go there to sort out some things for work and we deciced to make it into a day out with the kids. It was lots of fun but definitely not easy. We had to hang about there until 10 PM and it was past midnight by the time we got back home! We visited a lovely Druze village and found an excellent little restaurant there that served authentic Druze food - it was great!

Today we're at my mom's - away from home. I just took over the computer to do some posting My brother's parents-in-law are here on a visit from England and they're coming over for lunch so we'll see them soon.

Sam sorry you're not feeling well! Get well soon in time for your birthday!
Kat - I hope you can get that car!
Jugen - I hope all goes well with your doctor's appointment!
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Hey, it's nearly Thursday here but I just wanted to say hey back to Anne! and thanks and it's nice to see you posting, glad the boys are getting better. They are still in my thoughts.
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Thank you Sam!
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