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All my good news just went to hell.

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I had to drive my son to his drill last night (or morning, left at 1 am) It is a 2 hour drive,well about 1 hour into the drive my car died.The car computer died.I had to call Ted to come get us.He had to wake up the kids and dress them and pack them up at 2 am. My car is still sitting a hour away at a rest stop.And I Just put $380 into it a week ago.$100 2 weeks ago.Ted is fed up he is going to call the dealer and tell him to go and get it.and junk it. There goes my credit again.We have put over $500 in this car in the last 6 months.and still owe $1000.. Life really sucks.
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OMG ! I'm sorry Sherral, sounds like you've got a bona-fide lemon on your hands !
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So sorry to hear the bad news. Don't you have anything to say about what happens with your car/credit? Maybe the dealer will work out something with you to fix it. I wouldn't give up without the good ole fight!
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Aw, Sherral, what a bummer! Just what you didn't need. I hope you get sorted out soon, without too much expense.
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Oh that sucks Sherral. Sending many prayers your way.
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I'm so sorry Sherral!

I hope it gets better for you soon Hon!
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My credit is shot .We filed bankruptcy seven years ago.Paid it off,still having trouble getting credit from a bank,or loan company,I bought the car from one of those buy here pay here. they are as bad as banks only caring about the bottom line. Even thought Ted and have bought 3 cars from him in the last 7 years never had any trouble with them or him. He is being an idiot about this one.And even though he does report to the credit companys,now he will give us a bad one,Saying he took it back for nonpaying.
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Aww Sherral. *big hug*

I was so happy when I read of your good news.

This sounds awful. Is it possible to show with your receipts how much money you've spent on the car that the car had problems which is why you don't want it? I'm not familiar with lemon laws in USA.

Sending out **MEGA SUPER SIZED GOOD LUCK VIBES** to you and your family.
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You can fight with the credit bureau if he puts that on your record. Email me and I can give you the telephone numbers for the 3 credit bureaus. Before you allow him to junk your car, have him sign a receipt for it stating why you turned it back into him.

There are lemon laws in every state. Contact the Better Business Bureau in your town about him.

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Sherral what a mess!. Stand your ground on this one!!!.

Sending hugs and headbutts from Rosie and me
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Sorry to hear that, Sherral. Maybe you should take Sandy's advice about the Better Business Bureau.
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