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What happens when.....

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your cat drinks from your mug instead of her own water fountain?

Nakita thought she would stick her face into Rob's mug last night and steal a sip. Instead, she stuck her face too deep, then went on a sneezing frenzy!

What's in here?

Mmmmm...this tastes good!


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OMG OMG OMG! She's still so beautiful!

And nosy.
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Wow, she is a gorgeous cat. I love her eyes!
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What a silly girl Nakita is!
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I was having a bad day until I saw these pictures of Nakita. Her pics always make me smile!
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That had to be a hoot! She's lovely even when she's sneezing. Don't ya just love kitty sneezes (that is, as long as you know there's nothing really wrong)?
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Fran I was thinking the same thing about how cute kitty sneezes are (as long as you know there is nothing seriously wrong, of course). Nakita is SO cute when sneezing! LOL Silly kitty chikk....
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Oh that is SO sweet!
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Aww.... Silly Girl!!
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Oh how funny . She is soooo darn cute in everything she is doing
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OMG! I just love that lil girl! The expressions that she makes are endless & so darn humorous! I love the last one...I think you should send that one to Anne for the Caption This forum.

Thanks so much for sharing!
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She's beautiful.

Love her coat color.

Thanks for sharing with us.
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need a tissue, nakita??
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Oh she's so pretty!!, and so cute sneezing, bless her!!
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Those are some nice pictures of your cat....I love your kitty sooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!
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Aww... Nakita, you are such a beautiful girl even when you are being silly
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Nakita is such a beautiful girl! and those pictures are absoultely wonderful!
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Oh, that last one was precious! Well, they all are. But definitely enter that last one for the captioning. The first one would be great, too. Terrific photos!
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