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Pictures of my flooded basement

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This past weekend our basement flooded. See here for more details.

At first I thought the spring thaw caused the flood, but it turned out to be a sewer back up and thank god it is all covered by insurance. It took 8 hours, and 5 people to drain the basement, clear out all the storage items, clean the basement and sanitize it. Right now there are 20 dehumidifers/air circulators drying out the basement. The next step is to bring in heaters to dry out the foundation walls, since the sewer backed up through the weeping tile along all 4 walls of our house. Ick!

The insurance adjustor is coming by tomorrow to take a look. I had to take some pictures of the basement and it's contents for the insurance company. Here are a couple of them:

Here's a pic of the water level. It was over 5 inches in some areas, which doesn't seem like much, but since it is all contaminated, every item that was wet had to be put in the garbage. I was really worried about our boiler and hot water tank being affected, but so far everything is working. Keep your fingers crossed that the washer and dryer will also work. We haven't tried them yet, since we want to make sure they are completely dried out.

Of course, all our wood items sucked up the water and became damaged. This included a $3000 table top and french doors, among other wood items.

This is one of my favourite stone art pieces that also became damaged.

Here is a pic of the wood trim and insulation. That had to all be torn down.

I can't wait for all this to be behind us!
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Oh Kass, how horrible! (((Hugs))) for you and I hope you can salvage as much as possible.
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I am so sorry you have to deal with that, and the cleanup is so hard! At least your insurance covers some of it. Good luck with everything!
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What a mess! I'm glad it's going to be covered though. Can that stone piece be reparied?
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Oh Kass, what a mess- I hope it is behind you soon as well. You have had more than your fair share of bad things lately-

What does Nakita make of her new swimming hole?
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That is what happend to my parents about one month ago except they had 12+ inches of water. Their basement has in the meantime been gutted and put into a dumpster.

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Oh Kass! What a mess. I'm so glad it's covered by insurance though. Best of luck! (((hugs)))
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Sewage yuck! I'm glad it is covered by your insurance company! sorry for all your losses, That one pic of your favorite piece was very beautiful!
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