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Pictures of our Fur Family

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Well, you guys, You have inspired me with all your cute pictures, so I had to go and learn how to post a few myself....

My sweet girl, Noel


Casey enjoying her new bed


Storm and his "girls"

Storm and my girls, "Help Mom, I can't breathe."
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What pretty kitties! I love that pic of Storm and his girls!
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What gorgeous fur-kids and real kids you have! Love the picture of Storm and His Girls sleeping on him!

I'm going to move this to Fur Pictures so everyone can see them.

For anyone who doesn't visit Strays & Ferals, Casey's wonderful story is now up on Save Samoa! Click here to read all about her.
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I forgot that I had written about some of our other critters...so here's some of their pics as well!

This is our retired mare, Sugar. Don't ya just love the built in seat?

Our pony Jesse

Kayla's mare, Honey

Riding riding riding
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You have a little farm there! I love the pretty calicos you have, especially Dixie. Theyre all beautiful!
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Noelsmama, you figured out how to post pics!

I love your family - both fur and otherwise. Your girls are gorgeous, and your animals so clearly loved and happy!

I LOVE Sugar, and I LOVE that picture of Dixie! What attitude!!!!! It's just a fabulous pic.
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I love all of your lovely family. I especially love the horses. Honey can come live with me, anytime.
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I LOVE the pic "Storm and his "girls"", but it could also be because I also have a Samoyed. Her name is Abby and she is 6 years old. She is a cat magnet and cats that are total strangers will just come right up to her. They must sense she is a walking marshmellow, but it would be a cold day in h*ll before she let a cat on her back. They're good for sniffing butts and catching food that one of my cats likes to throw off the counter...oh, almost forgot about "take out" from the cats , but that's about it.

Here she is looking silly.
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Those are some very cool pictures!

And Fuzzmom, I love your sammie. I used to breed sammies when I lived in Michigan. They're wonderful family dogs! Lots of work though. Do you see a pattern here with me? Sammoyeds/Persians/Long thick fur? I don't think Storm is a sammoyed though he is beautiful.
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mzjazz2u - Yes, a definite pattern. You must be a glutton for punishment (as my mom use to say). It must be why I love short-haired cats. Don't know why as they shed more than the Samoyed!!

I could have sworn that was a Samoyed - a big ball of white fluff. Looks too big to be an eskie.

Noelsmama - Is Storm a Samoyed? Just curious
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What a lot of very lovely kids -- both fur- and human!
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I loved seeing your family, both fur and real! Thanks for taking the time to post the pics. The pic of Storm with "his girls" laying on top of him is just great!
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What lovely pics!!
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Very cute pics of all your fur baby's
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Originally posted by fuzzmom
I could have sworn that was a Samoyed - a big ball of white fluff. Looks too big to be an eskie.

Noelsmama - Is Storm a Samoyed? Just curious
There's another type of big white dog and I can't think of the name right now but I'm trying to look for it. I think it might be the Great Pyrenees. They are beautiful dogs! Check this out.
Great Pyranees

Maybe storm is a sammie and I just can't see him well enough. But his snoot looks a little more rounded then a sammie. Heck, I don't know! Just can't see enough of him there and especially his ears!

Ok... thank God for the edit button! Here's another big white dog in the work group. Kuvasz
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Like Tammie I was going to suggest he was a Great pyranne. He's beautiful whatever he is. Likewise to the rest of your babies, I'm in love with your horses/ponies they are so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.
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You guys crack me UP!!! Storm is indeed a Great Pyr. They have a coat nearly identical to a Sammy and are from the same region. However, Pyrs are giant breeds used as guardian for flocks of all types. This is not a great pic, but it may give you some idea of relative size. He is with my nine-year-old here (who is pretty tall for her age). He weighs 152 pounds and stands nearly 31 inches at the shoulder.

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Hmmm...let me try that again

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Well he is a beautiful boy! And I'm glad I'm not losing my mind!
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mzjazz2u - Thanks for those 2 links, both breeds are gorgeous.

Noelsmama - Now that I see ALL of this giant, especially the face, I can see the difference.

152 pounds!!!!! Yikes!!!!! That's not a "big ball of fluff" that's a MOUNTAIN of fluff. He's absolutely adorable. I just want to dive right into that fur.
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Your family are lovely, and little Dixie looks just like my Rosie.
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AWWWW!!!! She does look like Rosie! I love all of the pics on this web board. I can hardly wait to post pictures of our new babies!!!
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Ok guys, I promise to quit after this, but my girls were looking at the posts and were offended that I had not posted any pics of Hugs the rabbit, Gitchie the guinea pig or my gelding, Desperado.

What about my other buddies, Mom?

Hugs - the pencil thief

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My goodness you've got some beautiful animals there!
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
I don't think Storm is a sammoyed though he is beautiful.
He looks like he might be a Great Pyrenees. They are fabulous dogs... HUGE
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what awesome pics
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Hee hee hee....they're so cute! I had to share.
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Your fur-family is just gorgeous. Especially Storm. Just love Great Prys.
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Gorgeous pictures of all your family
Loved Casey's story.
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All these cute pictures!! Here is my Squeaky boy
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